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Heavily leaning toward the PRL Blue Label MTM, double breasted vest, double fwd pleats w/ side d -ring adjusters. Will go back in this week to make final decision.
Anyone think that it would be too much or bad idea to do a double breasted peak lapel vest with a 2 button single breasted jacket? I could do it with the Sammy and I think with PRL. Something like this but with maybe a slightly higher gorge on jacket.
Yes, the Polo Blue Label MTM would be made by Corneliani in Italy.  And while I know there has been some discussion on this topic, I was told that it will in fact be full canvas, like the Sammy.  
I was quoted around that price for a 2 piece on Blue Label, but I am doing a 3 piece.  In the somewhat base fabric I was looking at, 3 piece, for Blue Label MTM, the price was about $1700.  I was just quoted a price of around $2300 on the Sammy MTM 3 piece, double breasted vest, working sleeves, in a charcoal pick and pick fabric, whatever that means.  Minus 20 percent for the trunk show on the Sammy.  That brings it to like $1840.  Will go talk with RL store and the...
Got a call from a shop on Samuelsohn MTM.  Looks like it would be a couple bills more than Blue Label.  Not sure it would be worth that premium. That might have been a slightly more expensive fabric, though.  Hmmm.  
After visiting the Ralph Lauren store at Somerset in Troy, I am tempted to justify the price premium of going that route.  The Blue Label Coreneliani and its super soft shoulder with virtually no padding, looks amazing on me.  I need to verify if the quoted $1,700ish price was for a 3 piece, this during the trunk show sale.
Sounds good.
Thanks Vman.  Very helpful. You see the two suits I am looking at now. Funny how the Radcliffe pants measure smaller than the size marked, or at least interesting.  I hope to do business with you soon.
Since I prefer a more natural shoulder (e.g. PRL), should I side more towards the Type A Highest Quality over the 1200?  I mean, is the shoulder padding different?  Also, I have shoulders, which while I am not sure how to describe them, almost always caused a wrinkle in the center back of my shoulder blades, which usually is easily fixed with alterations. I don't know if that means I have sloped shoulders or not.  Also, what are the characteristics of the Radcliffe pant? 
My apologies Tony, I do see what you are saying now.  I think part of it, though, was that I did not specify the style name "Radcliff" in my original post when referring to what I called the "Type A" Oxxford.
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