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Well, just got back from the trunk show. Ended up plunking down a deposit.  Dorian was the Sammy rep that measured me.  Boy, was he knowledgeable! Adjusting for longer left arm, arms set back from shoulders, 43 inch chest on a 42 body jacket, 37 inch pants on a 36 inch waist band to allow more room in the seat and hips, etc.  Ended up going with a deep charcoal, faint herringbone 120s, 8 3/4 oz "A" fabric from Barberis.  Seemed pretty nice and should have an excellent...
I now agree. I looked at my dot ties at home, and they are all diagonally dispersed in an "X" fashion.  I take it there is nothing inherently incorrect about wearing a dot tie for wedding then, and that it is equally acceptable as the plaid (which I do not care for) and the sheperd's check.
Gable, I will check that one out then.  I take it most people just order what is shown in the sketch books then.
Good to know on the soft shoulders.  Wonder how they compare to the PRL Blue Label soft shoulders. I will check out the trunk show tonight.  My primary concerns are that: a) I don't know how much this one-off creation will cost and b) I don't know how well it will be executed. I have to believe that, at some point, Sammy has done this vest before.  It isn't as though I am asking for something that is completely unheard of.  Also Greenfield and PRL offer it is as a stock...
Apparently, Sammy does not offer a DB, peak lapel vest.  I just heard from the trunk show rep who is in town at Fitzgerald's here in GR.  It is available to do as a custom order item, though.  Anyone have any experience in doing Samuelsohn MTM and deviating from the stock or default options, particularly with vests? I assume it might be pretty risky, cost factor aside. Wondering if I am better with Greenfield or PRL.  Also need to make sure I can get a nice, soft shoulder.
Samuelsohn cannot do the vest that I want without doing a custom job, which, in my opinion would be risky and is expensive.  I have long ago decided against H Freeman.  Deciding now between Polo Blue Label and Greenfield Golden Fleece MTM, both at the same price, give or take $60.  Advantage of GG MTM is that there are so many little customization options, like specifying the lining, etc.  Polo is not truly a MTM, as you more or less just choose from styles and have a...
Going through this wedding tie decision myself right now.  What do people think of this with a 2B, peak lapel charcoal three piece suit and a white french cuff collar pin shirt?   Should the dots be closer, or is this acceptable?
My experience in shopping around is that the vest adds 300 to 400 for decent level MTM programs (ie anything below Oxxford). That quote above was for trunk show price.
Well I was just quoted $1385 for an A fabric with Samuelsohn. This for a 3 piece with pick stitching, surgeon cuffs, and d-ring pants. Also looked at B fabric which I might be able to negotiate at near same price. Problem was that there was no double breasted peak lapel vest option in the book. Anyone know if this is not an option on a Sammy? Debating whether the Polo would be worth $320 more.
Where is local for you?    
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