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My experience in shopping around is that the vest adds 300 to 400 for decent level MTM programs (ie anything below Oxxford). That quote above was for trunk show price.
Well I was just quoted $1385 for an A fabric with Samuelsohn. This for a 3 piece with pick stitching, surgeon cuffs, and d-ring pants. Also looked at B fabric which I might be able to negotiate at near same price. Problem was that there was no double breasted peak lapel vest option in the book. Anyone know if this is not an option on a Sammy? Debating whether the Polo would be worth $320 more.
Where is local for you?    
Heavily leaning toward the PRL Blue Label MTM, double breasted vest, double fwd pleats w/ side d -ring adjusters. Will go back in this week to make final decision.
Anyone think that it would be too much or bad idea to do a double breasted peak lapel vest with a 2 button single breasted jacket? I could do it with the Sammy and I think with PRL. Something like this but with maybe a slightly higher gorge on jacket. http://thelondonlounge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4891
Yes, the Polo Blue Label MTM would be made by Corneliani in Italy.  And while I know there has been some discussion on this topic, I was told that it will in fact be full canvas, like the Sammy.  
I was quoted around that price for a 2 piece on Blue Label, but I am doing a 3 piece.  In the somewhat base fabric I was looking at, 3 piece, for Blue Label MTM, the price was about $1700.  I was just quoted a price of around $2300 on the Sammy MTM 3 piece, double breasted vest, working sleeves, in a charcoal pick and pick fabric, whatever that means.  Minus 20 percent for the trunk show on the Sammy.  That brings it to like $1840.  Will go talk with RL store and the...
Got a call from a shop on Samuelsohn MTM.  Looks like it would be a couple bills more than Blue Label.  Not sure it would be worth that premium. That might have been a slightly more expensive fabric, though.  Hmmm.  
After visiting the Ralph Lauren store at Somerset in Troy, I am tempted to justify the price premium of going that route.  The Blue Label Coreneliani and its super soft shoulder with virtually no padding, looks amazing on me.  I need to verify if the quoted $1,700ish price was for a 3 piece, this during the trunk show sale.
Sounds good.
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