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  Is this Number #11?  That is the tie I was thinking of wearing for my wedding with my charcoal 3 piece.
Was actually my idea, but yes, I have had it offered to me before.  I just figured if spending for MTM, I would get more mileage out of a suit with 2 pairs of pantalones.
Speaking of pants, I just added a second pair of trousers to my order. I will be getting flat fronts with belt loops now too, in addition to the double fwd pleat, no loops, side tab adjusters.  Should allow for more versatility and longevity for the suit.    
Okay, just waiting on photo for double breasted PL vest.  Anyone think 4 welt pockets is overkill because I may just do the two lower ones?
Thanks for the information.  I did surgeon cuffs too.  I hope they planned on having them finished after delivery.  That's what I asked for anyway.  I can't imagine them cutting them at the factory off the initial measurements.  I hope I like the herringbone.
Very Nice!  Looks quite a bit lighter than mine, but it looks like a great fabric.  Funny, I ended up ordering the same liner, unless there are two purple paisley options.  I had thought my liner was a deep eggplant, closer to wine, but maybe not.    Are you pretty happy with yours? How did the fit come out? I was planning on doing the second round of tailoring and alterations just before my wedding. As long as it was pretty close now, I will just leave be.
Yes, the shark skin was in the b fabric, Super 110s.  Would you be wiling to share a pic of your suit?  The herringbone was an A fabric, super 120s.  Both Barberis, I believe. The increase in price aside, I decided on the herringbone because it was a little darker.  Based upon the swatch, the herringbone looked pretty hard to see. I would say it was similar to the BB suit on...
Just read that, thanks.  Feeling assure on the quality, at least for the price. However, my OCD is setting in and I'm kind of doubting myself on the Barberis dark charcoal mini herringbone fabric that I chose.  It was between that and a slightly lighter shark skin charcoal. The herringbone is hard to see in many lights, but I am worried it is going to look striped.  I wanted a nice solid that will look great and not trendy and was a little worried on having too much...
Okay, so now Samuelsohn says they can do the vest, and that they do one all the time for a certain customer. I went to the trunk show last night and placed a deposit.  A chose a dark charcoal Barberis "A" range with a faint herringbone.  Thee herringbone at least on the fabric swatch is hard to see unless you look closely or view at a certain angle.  The fabric is a 120s, 8 3/4 oz wool.  I was thinking maybe a little lighter, but that would mean moving to mid gray...
Thanks.  I hope I was not compromising much on quality by going this route. I haven;t really heard any bad things on Samuelsohn.
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