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In no particular order, based either upon impact and/or quality and style.   Ralph Lauren Calvin Klein (though not anything of recent memory) C.C. Filson Levis Strauss Brooks Brothers Giorgio Armani Oxxford Clothes Brioni Turnbull & Asser Hickey Freeman John Lobb Allen Edmonds Charvet Hermes Borrelli Edward Green Burberry Ermenegildo Zegna
My wedding is coming up in October of this year, and while I have the 3 piece suit down, I presently planned to wear a T&A royal oxford white FC shirt, with a silver small box Drakes tie I got from Mr. Porter.  Groomsmen will be wearing either solid navy or solid charcoal lounge suits, with TML ties, gifted.    After reading this thread, I am now considering wearing perhaps a small patterned or silver hand-tied bow tie as the groom. And I would keep the groomsmen in...
Still waiting on mine. I agree that they should make it right for you, even if it includes recutting a new jacket.  Samuelsohn is a very reputable company, but they can only go by what measurements they are given.  If your SA got something wrong, I would believe that the men's shop (not Sammy) should eat the cost of making it right.  In my case, I know the Samuelsohn Rep measured me for a 43 based upon my shoulders and said they would tailor the chest and waist accordingly.
  Is this Number #11?  That is the tie I was thinking of wearing for my wedding with my charcoal 3 piece.
Was actually my idea, but yes, I have had it offered to me before.  I just figured if spending for MTM, I would get more mileage out of a suit with 2 pairs of pantalones.
Speaking of pants, I just added a second pair of trousers to my order. I will be getting flat fronts with belt loops now too, in addition to the double fwd pleat, no loops, side tab adjusters.  Should allow for more versatility and longevity for the suit.    
Okay, just waiting on photo for double breasted PL vest.  Anyone think 4 welt pockets is overkill because I may just do the two lower ones?
Thanks for the information.  I did surgeon cuffs too.  I hope they planned on having them finished after delivery.  That's what I asked for anyway.  I can't imagine them cutting them at the factory off the initial measurements.  I hope I like the herringbone.
Very Nice!  Looks quite a bit lighter than mine, but it looks like a great fabric.  Funny, I ended up ordering the same liner, unless there are two purple paisley options.  I had thought my liner was a deep eggplant, closer to wine, but maybe not.    Are you pretty happy with yours? How did the fit come out? I was planning on doing the second round of tailoring and alterations just before my wedding. As long as it was pretty close now, I will just leave be.
Yes, the shark skin was in the b fabric, Super 110s.  Would you be wiling to share a pic of your suit?  The herringbone was an A fabric, super 120s.  Both Barberis, I believe. The increase in price aside, I decided on the herringbone because it was a little darker.  Based upon the swatch, the herringbone looked pretty hard to see. I would say it was similar to the BB suit on...
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