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small all the way
@yozhik based on the creasing, they look too long/big for your feet
@kiya When are the items purchased during the warehouse sale expected to ship? Haven't heard anything since my order confirmation on friday
Harry Rosen in yorkville has a small stock. Mostly denim.
Purchased last spring from Oak Street and worn about 20 times. Tons of life left! Comes on the super comfortable crepe sole, perfect for summer walking. Tagged size 7, but known to fit a full size large, so these would be fine for a US8 foot. Please contact me with any other question. Oh, and price includes shipping anywhere in North America. Cheers!
Purchased last spring from Unionmade Goods. Sparsely worn and in excellent condition (9/10). Please add $10 bucks for shipping anywhere in NA. Thanks for looking!   p2p 21 back 30 pit to cuff 19.25 shoulder: raglan
Very nice! I wore mine for the first time today as well.
9.5/10 condition, only worn and washed once before I decided it was too big from me. Really awesome, soft, comfortable corduroy fabric. Made in USA. Price includes shipping from Canada.   s2s 17.5 p2p 20 sleeve 25 back length (from bottom of collar) 28   $80 $65
@Shingles Looks great. What's the sizing on the tab collar shirts like this season? 
9/10 condition, lightly worn shirt from french workwear brand Arpenteur. From the FW13 season. 100% cotton poplin. Made in France. Price includes shipping from Canada. Tags not included (despite picture)   s2s 17 p2p 19 sleeve 24 back length 30
New Posts  All Forums: