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I am for a regular boot version of that derby
Whoops... @rydenfan I meant to quote @cdm137, not you. My bad
It's not that it's not wide enough, it's the relative length compared to the width. I have a pair on the 2030 last and while the width is bang on, there is like 1.5 cm of room in front of my toes. It just seems unnecessarily elongated. The other lasts seem a little bit more balanced to me. 
I just figured that it's more of a real "workboot" compared to some of the more recent makeups, so a more substantial last would suit it better. Also, most of the recent makeups have been on the 2030, it's nice to switch it up I think. 
So, it sounds like there's significant interest in a copper task service boot. Something like the Cabourn collab, but undistressed and on the 110/1035 last on danite. Thoughts?
And what of the 110 last? I've heard to go half a size down from Barrie. 
Apparently they won't do shell for retailers, including here. The copper task rough out on the 110 would be possible though. 
In for the rough out boot, no distressing though please. 
I really like the idea of a copper task rough out service boot on a danite or vibram sole, but I really think the 110 last is the way to go. I know a similar idea has been thrown around here, but most people are into the 2030. Any one into this boot on the 110 last?
Guy - A question about SF group orders:   Is there any way to order a different last with the preorders here? The majority of people seem to like the 2030 last, but unfortunately it does't agree with my foot, which means I'm out for any group orders on shoes on this last. Would ordering a pair in another Viberg last, like the 110, be feasible?
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