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I measured from the top of the collar, not the base. Due to the fact that this is a knit, the measurements are not 100% precise because of the fabric stretch.
What's the price?
Woah, where's the pick from?!
Which shop?
NWOT. This sweater has NEVER been worn. The sizing didn't work out for me. Originally retailed for $550. Hung only for photos. 50% merino, 30% Linen, 20% cashmere. Made in Ireland. s2s 16.5  p2p 20  sleeve 25  length 27
Sparingly-worn 3/4 sleeve tee from french brand Arpenteur. 60% cotton, 40% linen. Like-new condition. s2s 16.5  p2p 18  sleeve 20  length 25
Great, slim-fit shirt from USDG. Made in Canada. Very good condition. s2s 17  p2p 20  sleeve 24  length 27
Very good, 9/10 at least. I wore it very sparingly (handful of times) over the course of the last year. 
I think this is just Mohawk marking them up. I find their markup higher in general compared to other retailers.
Ugh, was hoping for dainite
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