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Are you planning another run of the Navajo coat? Missed out this time around.
What's the sizing like on the monitors this season?
I think they only come out in the fall.
Seriously, what's with the exclusions. 
Really neat pants from FW13. Worn well for a few years. 7/10 condition. The cut on these is perfect, and they have lots of life left.  waist (cinched) 15  waist (uncinched) 16  rise 11  thigh 11.5  inseam 31  hem 7.75
Size small. Worn a couple of times, but doesn't get enough wear for me to bother keeping it. Great condition, 9/10. This is a really great flannel fabric, great for the colder months, and has a real cool pattern I've never quite seen like before. Shipping from Canada.  s2s 17  p2p 19  length (from back of collar) 28  sleeve 25.5
Worn several times and washed once. Made from a lightweight poplin fabric.  p2p 19 s2s 17  length 29  sleeve 25 $70 $55
Really cool shirt from AM, purchased from GravityPope last season. THere's some distressing on the shoulders that was difficult to capture on camera. You'll notice a small bleach mark on the inside collar that is not visible when the shirt is worn - this is part of the distressing process and the shirt came like that when I purchased it new. Will fit a tts small or slim medium.  s2s 17.5  p2p 20  sleeve 25.5  length from back of collar 27.5   $75  $65
Worn a few times and washed once. Excellent condition. Any questions, just ask! Measurements are: waist 16"  inseam 29"  rise 12.5"  hem 5" $95  $85
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