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What's the price?
Woah, where's the pick from?!
Which shop?
NWOT. This sweater has NEVER been worn. The sizing didn't work out for me. Originally retailed for $550. Hung only for photos. 50% merino, 30% Linen, 20% cashmere. Made in Ireland. s2s 16.5  p2p 20  sleeve 25  length 27
Sparingly-worn 3/4 sleeve tee from french brand Arpenteur. 60% cotton, 40% linen. Like-new condition. s2s 16.5  p2p 18  sleeve 20  length 25
Great, slim-fit shirt from USDG. Made in Canada. Very good condition. s2s 17  p2p 20  sleeve 24  length 27
Very good, 9/10 at least. I wore it very sparingly (handful of times) over the course of the last year. 
I think this is just Mohawk marking them up. I find their markup higher in general compared to other retailers.
Ugh, was hoping for dainite
I'm hoping for a no warning situation, preferably today as I have the day off, haha
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