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You are ignored!.
whodini: Idiot.
Well done, Conne. You have better humour than the idiot of whodini.
That was a stupid joke. At least try to do a joke with style, that's what SF is all about. No? Or are you so stupid you can't adquire style?. I should have guessed.
Quote: Coho J, There are some annoying posters who enter my thread with the sole intention of calling me an "idiot" or "retard." It gets annoying after 3 or more times. What can you do about it? Quote: texas_jack retard Quote: whacked Annoying, perhaps. But definitely funny. It is very paradoxical that this kind of attitude is tolerated in a "Transparent Moderation Log" in SF. How do people get...
Nice box!
Check this out: http://www.dandyism.net/?page_id=27 The Canon at Dandyism.net.
Are you interested in 19th century literature pertaining to the subject of dandyism? Do you consider yourself a dandy?
Quote: designprofessor theoretical physicist +1000 I respect top scientists a lot. My list: Scientists. Inventors. Designers. Sadly they don't get the payment or recognition they deserve.
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