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What about a Bottega one? 
The UK/US sizes on shirts represents the collar size, in my case this is 15 and the equivalent EU size is 38. That's why on the first case it doesn't really makes sense the 48.      My problem is not about the size, the problem is that those tags write different things. I was expecting to see in every tag "Made in Switzerland" or "Italy" and then its size. Like on the first, second and 4th shirt.      All those shirts that I've listed are not on the same...
  LOL   It is called meander here is its origin.   "The kind of ornament shown here is called a meander. It is named after Maiandros, a meandering river in Asia Minor whose course was seen as a geometrical pattern that was constructed with rules and contractors."
Hi all,    I am planing to buy some TF shirts online from ebay or SF and I need a couple of advices. I already own two of them, bought from Madison Av. boutique.   Fit: So, the first question is if the TF shirts have different fits/lines. Those that I have, fit to me perfectly but I can't determine if there are slim fit, which they should be as I am a really slim guy. The only thing that I can see, is that are Made in Switzerland in size...
  Do you know who makes the suits for him, Cary Agos and Neal Caffrey?
I am looking for those two shirts on white, size 15/38.   I want them new but I would consider used in good condition.    Cuff is not a problem.   Ship to UK.      Thanks 
Any experiences with only-the-best1?   I am considering buying this shirt.   And a couple of questions,   Do those purple label shirts have mother of pearl buttons?    How is their fit compared to the TF ones? Do you think that I should go for those marked as Tailored fit? 
I do live in Scotland and I've never been to Selfridges for shopping.   You are so right.. I called Selfridges in order to check their prices. Base A starts at £2000 = ~$3200...   I should have done my research first. I had the wrong idea that TF would be cheaper in US.    This is a 33% discount from the US prices... I could have bought a third one with the same money..      *Note, they told me that they don't stock any base B suits.
  I wanted that kind of colour on my soles for some "by request" orders I placed last month.   They told my that this kind of colour comes only with the bespoke orders. I have never seen the interior of a bespoke JLP in order to be able to understand if this one is.     Just out of curiosity, can you please tell me how you understood that this one is not?
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