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^ nice I don't mind the smile. I love my canvas white jacks..
These look great too. I think I know where I can find koss now..Anyone heard of urban ears? R they crap?
Any suggestions for something similar to these?
I saw one from commes des garçon I liked.. Any other options?
The suit I wear with it is navy. I think there was an illustration I liked in dressing the man but no jacket. Just shirt and tie. I like this idea..
What is the most functional? Slim, with a stand, and actually can protect if dropped.
Just an even stripe like university stripe or something..
I was looking at the lo top white ones with a strap over the vamps but I really want a black pair with white sole..
Guys where do you have your jeans hemmed or cut? It's my first time to buy raw. I bought apc rescues.
Cool I will look into the laser treatments..
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