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My latest Vanda's are on their way (MTO fabric)!       Thanks to Gerald & Diana for the photos  
  Please keep posting pictures, they are fantastic.
This, if they have fabric available (which they do for most ties), they will make a custom length/width tie for SGD15 for the first and SGD10 for ties after that. Despite being custom made, they are made and shipped very quickly. Highly recommended.
My next order of amazing ties:   Special thanks to Vanda for taking pictures for me    I can't wait until they get here 
Just another glowing review for Vanda. I received my first Shantung tie this week and couldn't be happier. The service was fantastic with constant communication and updates. I ordered a custom tie and still had it made and sent sooner than many OTR purchases from other stores!    Special thanks to Diana for answering all my questions!   Now to decide on my next purchase. This is going to get very expensive...
Just in case anyone is interested. I went into American Tailors yesterday and bought a gorgeous pair of handgrade C&J Selborne. They were $595 which is a phenomenal price - that's less than ordering online! They had a decent selection of Carmina shoes, however only in the Simpson last. I found I had to size up from 9UK to 10UK. They have an amazing navy slip-on and I was sorely tempted. Maybe another day.
This sale seems too good to ignore. However, I need some advice on sizing.   My current experience with decent shoes is Loake 1880's which I've been buying 9UK (F width). However they are quite roomy on the sides and have a decent amount of room at the end. Should I try a 8.5UK (F width) Edward Green or try the 9UK?
  What Carmina last would you recommend for those with wider feet & high arches? Inca?
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