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  It looks like it's only for the weekly delivery.  Although it looks like it stacks with the current $5 off promotion they're currently running, which makes the first box half off.  And I assume you can cancel anytime.
I'm still hoping they'll release a new version of the weekender with normal straps. 
  The samples and the first box I ordered were really good.  It's mainly dried or freeze dried fruits and various seeds and nuts, but they have some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere and the flavor combinations were really good.  It's definitely a step up from vending machine snacks. 
It's not clothing but, a new Chicago area healthy snack delivery service, was handing out flyers with a 25% off code yesterday.  The code was "happy".  I think they deliver anywhere in the U.S.
I just got my oxford and cashmere.   I'm 6'0 and 165 and in between the medium and the large.  I've gotten the t-shirts in both.  The larger medium t-shirts fit me perfectly but about half of them are way too small so I've taken to ordering the large to be safe.  The smaller larges fit well, and even the larger ones don't fit poorly after a wash and dry.  I also have long arms, so I decided to order larges to be safe.    The oxford: The fabric was nice and heavy...
I need a bag this size and it looks like the quality and price are fine, but I don't think I'd be happy with the strap length.  It looks like a purse in the pictures.  Too bad. :(   I am looking forward to the backpacks though.
  Wear a belt and the waist won't stretch much.  YMMV, but my one wash RRL's hardly stretched at all.  If anything, they actually shrank very slightly from the original size once I eventually washed them. 
  This isn't true.  I would guess that most shirts aren't pima.     Are the combed cotton everlane shirts made out of pima?
I'm definitely interested in the bags.  Will it be a large order, or are they expected to sell out quickly?   And, to channel my inner MC, for the the combed cotton much cheaper than supima or is there any chance future orders might go back to using supima?  After washing, I would say there's a pretty slight but noticeable difference between the two.  And it might not be related, but the cut and construction seemed to be more consistent on the supima...
    Thanks.  I'll have to try one of these out when the 1.25" belts are available. 
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