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Posts by owin this one looks cool, funny and weird at the same time lmao
nothing new on this thread disappointment
those suede shoes are perfect but really hard to take care, any instructions how to make em look good any step, rain or dust make it look ugly and very hard to restore
same men different thousands of photos, what do they do just walk around city and pose every camera they see? (?
Today I go with Tom Ford -  Grey Vetiver So far people calling I smell like drugstore/ pharmacy , that's kind of  downer but I still like it [IMG][/IMG] PS: I m not good with attaching photos to the boards
no rosey skin scent for me? or maybe i was to specific ? (: (tomorrow i ll stop by mall and ask clerk for his advice(which is usually a terrible idea)
I ve sourced and tried L'air du dessert marocain and i can clearly say it's not for me.. its like rootbeer , my friend told me i should have wear it more to like but What if I believe love at first sight(: Im happy i didnt blind buy this was(was about to) now lately Im in the mood for some rose BUT (a big but) I was hoping for a more manly version of rose (as much as possible) maybe like a skin scent of 'rose'   like bvlgari pour home 's rose...
Im going with bel ami hermes good leather smell , fascinating at all for fahrenheit  my grandfather used it, my father used it even I had a bottle of it some time ago that's what classic means. u may not like it but you cant say its bad i guess dont know  
actually under 200$ or around 200$ with discount would be nice,  first rule of the fight club, you must not smell like candy store(: i want something complicated but at the same time clean, i no like dark flowery night smells,  and powderys smells killing me  (i hated tomford black orchird for over floral and bvlgari blv for over powdery  effect ) i wanna smell like i dont care for the world cause I'm cool or elegant (like terre dhermes like chanel no 5) also i like...
I dont know why but lately I'm addicted to terre d'hermes. after terre like many perfumes smells like simple, so i trust your taste, recommend me something to try, i will find a way to try it  
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