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Thank you everyone for the replies!    I will try everyone's suggestions particularly the locations and restaurants.   I will try to bring the odd jacket and some summer weight khakis / chinos.   I don't have any linen shirts but I might obtain one or two.   Thank you!    Any more information on Madrid or Spain would be amazing!
Thank you for the food tip, I will try it out.
Hello everyone,   I am going to be going to Madrid for 6 weeks starting in June and I would like to know a few things.   What do the locals wear?   Should I dress like a local?   What should a 20 year old wear?   Also what are some places I absolutely must visit.   Thank you very much for your replies!
I'm looking for other people's opinions on what they would buy if they had $600 to spend. Whether it be shoes, ties, shirts, belts, anything that they would suggest that is unique to, or made famous by, London or Milan.
  I have a budget of $600.
Hello everyone,   For the first time in my life I will be going abroad to London and Milan.   I am an American college student and I was wondering what are the places that you would pick to go to first and foremost.   If you were in London or Milan in January 2013 what would you do first?   What stores would you prioritize?   What sights would you see?   Thank you for your input!
I'm looking to purchase a khaki raincoat like this.   I'm asking for an opinion on this one, and possible reasonably priced alternatives.
Hi, My name is Chris and I am from Sunnyvale, California. I currently attend college in Orlando, Florida so I return to California on breaks.  So far I have only looked at what is being bought and sold. I usually wear sperries, shorts, and a polo or a casual button up. I am excited to become a part of this forum.
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