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Great April Fool post.
You could easily shorten that jacket one inch and not have to do anything about the pockets.
You don't really have to do anything to it. Fine leather jackets develop a patina and get better looking with age. Just don't wear it in heavy rain.
If the couple has a gift registry, it's usually best to select something from that.
Slightly off topic but it never ceases to amaze me how many people prefer to text rather than speak on the very same instrument. It would seem the OP would have had many of his questions about this girl's feelings answered or at least have had more meaningful "communication" by just TALKING to her right from the beginning. I guess we are in a texting/social media age where actually talking to a person suggests some kind of a risk. /rant
They could move the buttons up, but you would still have a buttonhole at the bottom of the sleeve.
It's an F31.
Yes you could, but it's a very unusual cuff and would be a shortening operation not many tailors would be familiar with. Best to find a really good tailor and ask him.
Agree. Everything is too big. You will pay more for aterations than you paid for the suit especially if you want the shoulders altered. They do look too wide.Keep shopping and possibly look for boys sizes. MTM would be better, but get from a brick and mortar store, not online self-measure. Good luck with your search.
Sorry for your loss. If the suits are bespoke, why not take them to the bespoke tailor who made the suits and ask him if the suits could be made to fit you? I don't think you are going to get a satisfactory answer to your question here on the Internet especially if we can't see you wearing the suits.
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