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Hopefully the OP has had some pants to wear in the last five years.
Cursive writing is a lost art these days. Many schools don't even teach it. It's rarely seen other than for signatures. If you are able to print neatly, that would be appropriate.
You remove the button and re-sew it. Fairly simple. Any dry cleaner can do it for you.
Sounds like you know what you want. Trust your own instincts and have fun at the party. .
It's a Darren Beaman one button peak lapel bespoke jacket. It's on a display form and likely pinned/clamped in the back in order to look very smooth from the front for the photograph. It would not sit that way if a person was wearing it.
Sounds like you have an extensive high end wardrobe. Why not get both trench coats? Lighter one for day. Darker one for evening.
I don't know if this applies to the shirt Ben Affleck's wears in that movie, but a lot of studios source their shirt wardrobes and individual Hollywood actors get their shirts from Anto Shirtmakers in Beverly Hills. https://www.antoshirt.com/ Look under the "Film & Television" section on the Anto site. Gone Girl is there. . .
Try gray jeans as shown in the linked picture.
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