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Celebrities generally have their outfits custom made by costume designers. The only way you will know for sure is to try and contact the star's publicity department.
There's no shirt or any type of clothing whatsoever that's going to make that tie look stylish. Ties especially bowties are not normally worn with jeans unless you are going for some costume or sales/tradesman look. Black bowties (self tied ones) are generally reserved for dinner jackets/tuxedos. .
Cotton shirts with a twill, herringbone or royal oxford weave are somewhat thicker than broadcloth/poplin. There is also such a thing as a long sleeved undershirt. If you are not wearing a tie, a turtleneck undershirt might keep your neck warm. .
Hopefully the OP has had some pants to wear in the last five years.
Cursive writing is a lost art these days. Many schools don't even teach it. It's rarely seen other than for signatures. If you are able to print neatly, that would be appropriate.
You remove the button and re-sew it. Fairly simple. Any dry cleaner can do it for you.
Sounds like you know what you want. Trust your own instincts and have fun at the party. .
It's a Darren Beaman one button peak lapel bespoke jacket. It's on a display form and likely pinned/clamped in the back in order to look very smooth from the front for the photograph. It would not sit that way if a person was wearing it.
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