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I don't know if this applies to the shirt Ben Affleck's wears in that movie, but a lot of studios source their shirt wardrobes and individual Hollywood actors get their shirts from Anto Shirtmakers in Beverly Hills. https://www.antoshirt.com/ Look under the "Film & Television" section on the Anto site. Gone Girl is there. . .
Try gray jeans as shown in the linked picture.
A good alterations tailor (not an alterationist at a dry cleaner) should be able to take the thigh in. Have the tailor pin the trousers to the desired width while you are trying them on. That's the best way to determine whether there will be any throwing off of the front crease or of the pleats.
It's a style variation on a motorcycle boot. Yes, dark blue or black jeans would go with them.
I don't think you are going to find many people on this forum who would approve of wearing a suit jacket with jeans. A cream jacket may work though. Try a pale blue shirt.
Great April Fool post.
You could easily shorten that jacket one inch and not have to do anything about the pockets.
You don't really have to do anything to it. Fine leather jackets develop a patina and get better looking with age. Just don't wear it in heavy rain.
If the couple has a gift registry, it's usually best to select something from that.
Slightly off topic but it never ceases to amaze me how many people prefer to text rather than speak on the very same instrument. It would seem the OP would have had many of his questions about this girl's feelings answered or at least have had more meaningful "communication" by just TALKING to her right from the beginning. I guess we are in a texting/social media age where actually talking to a person suggests some kind of a risk. /rant
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