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OMG yes. You've met him too?
LOL c'mon.
Alright, the story first.   So I am a pizza delivery guy in MN (I'm only 20 and I live/deliver in the wealthiest area of MN, so the tips are killer. Best part time job I've ever had.) and It was my last delivery of the night. Pulled up to the house and the guy answers the door. After signing the receipt he says to hold on a sec and goes around the corner quick. He comes back with this blazer/sport coat (not sure which it is). He said he had been cleaning out his closet...
So Im really into Ralph Lauren's style. I really like these looks, pictured below, but I want to know what the official name of these looks are. I know people call it preppy, but what is it really called? Its like a northern east coast old money european style. Is there a certain name for it?            
  I can't find it.
Can anyone identify the jacket on the left?    
  I like this. Just ditch the gold things.
  I must have that Gucci Jacket! Very nice! 
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