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Looking to buy a Shepherd's Check tie for my upcoming wedding. Being as it's for my wedding I am not looking for anything slim. PM me if you have something you think may fit what i'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
I am getting married towards the end of May and, while I have kicked around the idea of morning dress, I think I have settled on either wearing a solid navy or charcoal suit. I have a fairly athletic build and suits/coats with high small armholes don't work well. The newer Canali and Zegna (roma) seem to fit me very well, but I have always wanted to look into Isaia.....and Tom Ford although probably too snug and might be out of budget which would be a max of $700. In...
Excellent call on the model being Garson: My only regret is that these are black, but I won't complain for only spending $30.
I stopped into one of my favorite thrift stores the other and picked up a pair of Santoni shoes. I've read a little bit about these and know that they produce a few different lines. I was unable to match up this particular pair online so i was hoping for a little help. I picked them up for $30 and from everything I've seen they should be worth at least that. It looks like the prior owner was also nice enough to install topys and a heel caps. Pardon the poor picture...
Looks like the best option will be my lightweight tan wool Zegna suit. Shirt is a toss up between very light blue and white. Thanks for the suggestions.
I have pretty big thighs (hockey and cycling), own APC Rescues and they are snug to say the least. There was a lengthy break-in process and I can still barely get my phone or my keys in the front pockets.
Ha, yeah they definitely won't be asking me to leave.
Would it be ok to wear a navy linen blazer with khaki tropical wool trousers?
I appreciate the help fellas and I will definitely follow the advice. Should be a fun trip and i'm planning on doing my best Bond Casino Royale impersionation minus the swim trunks. Time to breakout the navy Sunspel polo.
This coming April will be my frist trip to the Bahamas. I checked the weather for that time of year and I guess i can expect temps in the 70's and 80's. I think I have a grasp on what to pack for the trip with the exception of wedding attire (which i'm always questioning no matter the destination). The wedding will take place at 5pm and the groom will be wearing a light grey suit similar to what Bond wears in CR. The wedding invite makes no particular mention to type...
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