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For one, it wasn't bought from Gilt. Two - that sale was awhile ago, and LOVA is defunct as far as I know. Please don't TC. If you don't want it that's cool. Thanks for looking anyway!
Where is this coat from? It is pretty boss.
Very nice
Anybody know if they still make the Petite standard black (red selvage)? I've had a time of finding it. Looked everywhere. Wore my old pair for literally everyday for over a year, and then the crotch blew out pretty bad. Been looking for a new pair ever since....
Nice jacket, wish I had a grand
Ahhhh. I am ashamed.  
I have a pair of brand new without tags Nudie Slim Jim's.
Is there just hate for lova or what....?
Noooooooooooooooo I missed those hahaha dangit!
Price dropped to $40 each shipped or $70 shipped for both!!!! Doubt this will drop anymore since Hollister jeans are more than these prices. OMG BUY BUY BUY!!     I have two pairs of nudies that need to go away. They were gifts from a friend and now need to be sold for cold hard cash (via paypal). First pair is some bootcut ola's they have been hemmed, they have been worn and washed. The second are a pair of Regular Ralf's. The bootcut ola's fit like a bootcut, and...
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