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Guys. While I like looking at $800 bags, they're not really relevant to me!
  Not really into the tech fabrich/nylon. But thanks for the suggestions.  
Thanks for the reply - can you elaborate: does the photo of the floto leather look awful, or is your assessment based on a viewing of the actual good?  
I've finally saved up enough to purchase a new travel bag. I'm torn between the "slick and sexy" italian-style bags, and the "casual and full of character" canvas&leather styles.   So, here is what I'm looking at. Looking for a bag that works for a 1-3 night trip. Thoughts/opinions/suggestions/size thoughts/style narratives/etc.   (I understand Floto quality is probably well below the others listed here, so feel free to take that into account)   Filson -...
  I've read some of the threads regarding duffel bags, but most of them focus on bags well over my price point.   Can anyone recommend something for under $300, canvas with leather highlights, medium size (around 20 inches length so plenty small for a carryon), and as "classy" in styling as you can get (so no bright colors, big zippers, etc)
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