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I thrifted this baby from a Maine college town Goodwill for 2.50 USD       It's gorgeous and I've just gotten it back from the tailor and don't she drape like a dream!   I couldn't get a clear shot but it's also got a boutonniere latch sewn behind the left lapel, love that!   Pics to this one pre 2009?     Just outta curiosity how much would it have retailed for?
I would wear these as I would an exotic skinned Western boot...I am kicking myself for a purchase made a week ago that's keeping me out of this one.   Good health gentlemen!
Good intel, thanks!
 It is at that. Finally arrived yesterday and it's got some HEFT to it...practically dimples itself when tied. The pics don't do it justice, the silk has a very lustrous hand that doesn't read well in photos. Great piece, I'll keep an eye out for Lancel as I like this one better than a comparable Hermes in my rotation.
Is this authentic?   The website I found for them listed scarves but no ties, mostly leather goods.   I kinda dig it, got a 70's YSL vibe to it.    
 I do not.
They ARE ugly, I'll give you that but I've lived here for 22 years and have yet to suffer wet feet when wearing them.   They were around before the hipsters grandparents were born and will be extant long after their *shudder* progeny has perished from the face of the earth.   Hipsters like facial hair and irony, are we going to deny ourselves those simple pleasures because a few young idjits latch on to them?   They'll lose interest as soon as Apple or Mtv tells them...
 L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe is your friend. I love watching the lawyers, politicians, etc here that wear the most finely tailored suits but slap on a mad bomber hat and Bean boots when it gets shitty. They, like most of us up here wear Bean boots and carry their shoes in.
 Perfection. Once again sir, you hit the number.
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