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    Any ideas? 
If that wool/vicuna overcoat is a 42/44 and you're looking to divest yourself...I'm willin'  
 I'm woefully ignorant on European makers, if not Caruso care to guess who? Finally wore it and it's def well-made...fully canvassed and drapes wonderfully! As an added benefit it fits perfectly and will need no alteration. Sometimes it pays to be average.
  Apologize for the crap photo...is this worth anything?
Makes sense; this one feels very nice. Thanks.
Thank you! What's their canvassing?
Thrifted these for ten bucks.   The PURL is half canvassed and I assume fused as it's pretty stiff through the chest.   The Burberry fit almost perfectly right off the rack and drapes better but I'm not sure if half/full canvas/fused.   Hook a brother up?          
All I got was the jacket, not a full suit :(   Taking it and a thrifted Borrelli shirt out together today will try to get some pics without getting frostbite!!   From the descriptions I've read it(the shirt)is pre 2009; tablet buttons, handwork all over...I especially dig the handsewn bar tacking at the front and sleeve plackets    
I thrifted this baby from a Maine college town Goodwill for 2.50 USD       It's gorgeous and I've just gotten it back from the tailor and don't she drape like a dream!   I couldn't get a clear shot but it's also got a boutonniere latch sewn behind the left lapel, love that!   Pics to come...is this one pre 2009?     Just outta curiosity how much would it have retailed for?
I would wear these as I would an exotic skinned Western boot...I am kicking myself for a purchase made a week ago that's keeping me out of this one.   Good health gentlemen!
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