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well shit...guess Aristocraft ain't what they used to be...I'm going to continue to work em, what the hell.
Got a few pics, lighting is crap but I hope they help.    
Thanks for the input gentlemen, I'll try to get some pics this weekend; we're slated for MORE SNOW here in Maine so I'll spend Sunday doing shoe work.
 Duly noted...I have Renovateur and Saphir crème polish, will that do?
It seems to be surface cracking...I'll try to get some pics later. Is there any harm in using polish on them?
Gentlemen, first I apologize if I'm breaching protocol by asking before reading the ENTIRE thread...ain't nobody(with small children) got time for that!     I've inherited a pair of Aristocraft ruby shell cordovan captoes and they're cracking a bit in the vamp.     What can I do to 1. stop it, if possible and 2. limit future damage?     Much obliged in advance!
Born and raised in TX and now living in New England I learned this the hard way. NOBODY in Texas takes off their shoes upon entering their own or another's house and to request it is seen as borderline rude. Up here in Maine, EVERYONE takes off their shoes regardless of season although I get it in the winter. My wife still has to gently remind me or threaten me with a mop sometimes; like you sir, old habits die hard.
good to know, many thanks!
    Any ideas? 
If that wool/vicuna overcoat is a 42/44 and you're looking to divest yourself...I'm willin'  
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