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 Edit: the original NORTH AMERICAN Portland...we Americans are sometimes a little myopic and have trouble remembering that there is a world outside the friendly confines(very accurate term) of the continent upon which we rest. 
 The next time you boys are in the ORIGINAL Portland I'll stand the first round!
 I must have a very long torso as there is no way I can get the ends of my ties to meet up like that unless I want it ending mid abdomen.
 I paid 5 bucks for it at a college town Goodwill...I'm ok with it.
Thank you sir...it's fully canvassed but very lightly constructed...great summer jacket! Are they known as a higher end manufacturer?
Any ideas gents?    
That's exactly what I meant. Thanks benhour, I suspected as much.  Damned shame given how solid it's construction is. I've gotten the Lexol on them and it's helped a bit but I'm sure I'll have to hit them with tinted creme at some point as the underlying calf is lighter. Thanks all for the continued input, I'll get updated pics asap.
If this is accurate, they are NOT corrected grain.  Used 70% alcohol and got color. They're very sturdily constructed and fully leather lined...should be interesting once I get Lexol on em.
I DIG the toebox, wish every dress shoe I owned had it's profile. Yes, I'm a C and these are D but still fit well enough and the creasing was there when I got them.  They became more pronounced and were lighter than the surrounding leather so I noticed immediately and began to try to remediate. Soles and insoles are pristine, they were barely worn...maybe they were too small for my uncle? All great suggestions, this will be a grand adventure!
The leather everywhere else on the shoe is gorgeous and they were worn about twice and stored in my uncles closet in Abilene, probably dried em out a bit. I've got some Lexol coming and have already hit em with Renovateur just to see and that actually seemed to help a bit.  Gonna pick up some cordovan crème Monday and continue to try to bring them back to life if possible. If not, they'll be a half decent crappy weather shoe. edit: if corrected grain they WILL be a crappy...
New Posts  All Forums: