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 Your RR cred is well established with the mention of the finest timepiece my father ever carried!!  He, his father and two brothers worked freight for AT&SF in Texas during the 40s-70s. I'm waiting for my youngest son to graduate out of diapers so I can spend that money to score another one for myself!
 I believe you're right, it took me about that long! John Mellencamp said that most men weren't worth a damn until they were 40 or their fathers died, whichever came first. Interesting take. Now enough about parenting and more about SHOES!!
 Thank you, I believe I'm half way there!
 I've already raised a 25 and 22 yr old and they're remarkably well rounded given their parentage. I now have a 4 and 2 yr old rawhide yet, my wife makes sure they're lotioned to within an inch of their little lives!
 Not a bad approach to child care either...feed em, clothe em, knock the dirt off em once a day and you're golden!!
Dammit, that's about what I spent on a kids playhouse last weekend!   I gotta get my priorities straight!
    Apologies for the crappy iPhone pics...I'm working on a "good" reason for the wife and I to buy a camera and tripod.  So far, "so I can show the guys on SF what I'm wearing today" ain't cuttin' it!   Burberry London jacket no-name PS John W Nordstrom shirt Hardy Amies tie LL Bean trousers Happy Socks AE Park Ave shoes
 I'm taking back the Centaur hoof cordovan conditioner I bought last weekend.
        Another beautiful Spring morning in Maine!   Vintage Cricketeer summer weight wool sportcoat BB shirt no-name thrifted cotton/silk tie grandfather's 60's tie clip no-name cotton handkerchief/PS Lucky jeans Happy Socks Eastland boots for the rain expected later
 USAF and DWF (howdy from a fellow Texan) is right about the laziness...getting the most done with the least amount of effort afforded us time savings better used doing important things like playing ping pong or sleeping.
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