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 Growing up in TX they taught us not to piss on our hands
 I'm hip, I've got a sister in Moline.
 It would be perfect up here where Spring hasn't fully arrived...I found a patch of snow in my back yard yesterday. That SC is GORGEOUS!!
 I know even less than you...just thought it was a little funny. Pick away my friend, your bona fides precede you!!
      Gray and overcast this morning...   Inherited vintage fresco jacket Black Watch PS stolen from AAS J Crew shirt Gap POS cotton sweater vintage Rooster bowtie originally sold by The Bowdoin Drugstore, Kennebunk, Maine; now defunct Bill's Khakis Happy Socks Bass bucks
Fookin' stunning!!
 Your RR cred is well established with the mention of the finest timepiece my father ever carried!!  He, his father and two brothers worked freight for AT&SF in Texas during the 40s-70s. I'm waiting for my youngest son to graduate out of diapers so I can spend that money to score another one for myself!
 I believe you're right, it took me about that long! John Mellencamp said that most men weren't worth a damn until they were 40 or their fathers died, whichever came first. Interesting take. Now enough about parenting and more about SHOES!!
 Thank you, I believe I'm half way there!
 I've already raised a 25 and 22 yr old and they're remarkably well rounded given their parentage. I now have a 4 and 2 yr old underway...no rawhide yet, my wife makes sure they're lotioned to within an inch of their little lives!
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