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 I'm taking back the Centaur hoof cordovan conditioner I bought last weekend.
        Another beautiful Spring morning in Maine!   Vintage Cricketeer summer weight wool sportcoat BB shirt no-name thrifted cotton/silk tie grandfather's 60's tie clip no-name cotton handkerchief/PS Lucky jeans Happy Socks Eastland boots for the rain expected later
 USAF and DWF (howdy from a fellow Texan) is right about the laziness...getting the most done with the least amount of effort afforded us time savings better used doing important things like playing ping pong or sleeping.
I went through Basic in 1980 and they taught us true spit shining and using water as well...most of us just used spit because it was one less thing to worry about.
 This is my preferred method but plays hell with a manicure!
 There is nothing wrong with one being able to read/write/speak one' own language properly.  Kudos Crusty. Being raised in a minister's home I had the gloriously arcane verbiage of the King James version of the Bible as a standard and I'm better for it. The words not the dogma; those are just adult fairy tales.
Yesterday's fit       Borrelli jacket Tyrwhitt shirt BB sweater Lucky jeans Happy Socks no-name chukkas   Today's fit in honor of a newly risen sun and all my wife's crocuses       Vintage Cricketeer fresco jacket no-name vintage PS from my father's top drawer Rooster tie Nordstrom shirt LL Bean 1912 cavalry twill trousers LL Bean socks Bass bucks
 Edit: the original NORTH AMERICAN Portland...we Americans are sometimes a little myopic and have trouble remembering that there is a world outside the friendly confines(very accurate term) of the continent upon which we rest. 
 The next time you boys are in the ORIGINAL Portland I'll stand the first round!
 I must have a very long torso as there is no way I can get the ends of my ties to meet up like that unless I want it ending mid abdomen.
New Posts  All Forums: