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        Happy Friday!  Another gorgeous Spring day on the Rocky Coast!   Armani jacket Tyrwhitt shirt grandfather's pimpin' cuff links no name PS(gift from one of the Weeds, gotta wear it if she sees it) Ferragamo tie Lucky jeans no socks Cole Haan shoes- pre Nike
        Too hot for a tie today, playing with textures.   Vintage Cricketeer summer weight wool jacket Vintage French linen PS Banana Republic linen shirt HSM fresco trousers Happy Socks Bass bucks
      Cool, gray Friday   Borrelli jacket no-name ps Polo shirt Banana Republic jeans J&M Crown Aristocraft kicks no-name loafer sox
 The iPhone pics do neither of them justice...the tones are much deeper and the purple in both work very well together. I think a smaller gingham may be in order but it's interesting that when this is worn without a jacket it actually looks better. Thanks for your feedback, much obliged!
            Pre-Pitti Peacocking-apologies for the crappy iPhone pics, the wife is laboring under the delusion that diapers and kid shoes are more important than a good camera for SF selfies!  Women!   Trussini jacket John W Nordstrom shirt Vintage Rooster tie(1 of 13 paisleys I own-I have a problem) Penguin PS(went away after viewing the pics, apparently I'm not THAT Pitti) Boss trousers Happy Socks Calibrate(Nordstrom)shoes Boutonniere courtesy...
        Vintage Cricketeer SC John W Nordstrom OC shirt(NO BD) no-name PS The Knottery tie grandfather's tie clip LL Bean trousers Happy Socks Bostonian shoes Made in Italy-stiffest damned things, and they aren't as different in shade as they appear.
 90's pfft, I wore them as a kid in the 70's! Christ, I'm becoming that old thing you know I'll be tellin all you young'uns to get off my lawn!
 Well, I'm a Texan living in Maine and our family is originally from Belfast...crazy enough?
 Then I'll fit right in!
Living here on the Rocky Coast we get about 100+ inches of snow in addition to the "normal" amount of rain...wearing your leather shoes in that is madness...MADNESS I TELL YOU!!   Most men I know wear their Bean boots or other lesser options then change into their dress shoes once in the office.   Some just leave the Bean boots on, it's not uncommon to see a professional with a great suit and Bean's Maine Hunting Shoe finishing off the look.
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