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Gentlemen,   what is a good shoe to anchor a new wardrobe with?   I'd like one that will go with as much as possible.   Thank you!!
I too would dearly love to know!   I found one similar but in blue but just cant get meself to pull the trigger.
It was meant tongue in cheek given my username although I must admit lusting after the green windowpane SC in the top pic.
I lived in the PI for a couple years in my misspent youth and actually carried one as did every other male...it was easier to have it hang off your wrist by a strap than to have a ton of shit in your pockets in 110 degree heat with 100% humidity.
I approve of this message.
pimpin' ain't easy!
Better call a vet 'cause those pythons are SICK!
Being a native Texan I too share your sentiments as the only people in the South who wear camo are usually booger-eatin' rednex!
decent shape, that suit isnt doing him any favors.
Ok, NOW I want your life!!
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