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unless you go commando your underwear provide enough of a barrier to protect your trousers from all but the most noxious of emanations.   It's pretty much why we developed drawers anyway.
invest in a good steamer and a clothes brush and Bob's yer uncle.
  Windsor was the first knot my father taught me.  That's him as my avatar in about 69/70.   I wear FIH almost exclusively now except for Windsor/spread collar as well for the same reason.
Have always dug Roosters.    Have 4 now and recently thrifted a vintage bow tie that was originally labeled for the Bowdoin Pharmacy in Kennebunk, Maine.  It's size and condition make me think late 60's early 70's.
  My first thought was that he was gonna catch hell for the black shoes.
Just since Feb...have I broken an unwritten rule?
  I get that.    Unfortunately he looks about 12 so to these old eyes it looks like Paul Muni's great-grandson found a trunk in the attic.   I think maybe an approach like Lapo's; take the classic elements of grandpa's wardrobe and add a personal twist would be better suited to him than just a slavish imitation of a period's fashion, especially if the period is a very stylized one like the 1930's.   Again, my opinion.
Tibor,   The suit is gorgeous and well-fit but you've got to get over the whole hat thing, it makes it look costume-y.  And with your diminutive stature it makes you look like an extra from "Bugsy Malone".   My .02
New Posts  All Forums: