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I was teaching at 30; I had to work as my daddy was a poor Southern preacher who couldn't afford to buy me a Congressional seat.
Those are gorgeous!   My old man had a pair similar but the shaft was not 'gator.   He had a pair of sea turtle (they werent illegal at the time) like that though, brought the skins back from SE Asia himself.  Should have seen the looks we got at customs.
  Why not just move the cuff button over 3/4 inch until you get a new watch?
Clooney does it and does it well.
  He's either a lawyer, bankster or international playboy/jewel thief.
Born and raised in SE TX and have been wearing boots since I could walk...Lucchese is all my father would buy as he had an 11.5 B foot.  I have a pair of their Classics that I LOVE but don't wear much and some Justin Ropers that get worn almost every other day.  Both fit like a glove as I went down a half size.   As a kid the old man bought me Dan Post bull hides because they wore like iron and were cheap enough to replace as I grew.  Tony Lama calf was the first boot I...
Idiotic is more like it.  If one can be offended by a shirt part then one has far larger issues than clothing choices.   It's symptomatic of the whole "self esteem" movement that started when my (Boomer) generation began having kids.    I wear French cuffs all the time, jacket or no.  Fuck em if they can't take a joke!
THIS is the image that always comes to mind when thinking about the absolute elegance and ease with which he dressed and moved.  I'd mug Spoo if I thought I could achieve this level just once before I croak!
I could swear that this was lifted from an old 30's movie like the Thin Man with Ronald Coleman but I can't find a cite.
This is beautiful.
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