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  I get that.    Unfortunately he looks about 12 so to these old eyes it looks like Paul Muni's great-grandson found a trunk in the attic.   I think maybe an approach like Lapo's; take the classic elements of grandpa's wardrobe and add a personal twist would be better suited to him than just a slavish imitation of a period's fashion, especially if the period is a very stylized one like the 1930's.   Again, my opinion.
Tibor,   The suit is gorgeous and well-fit but you've got to get over the whole hat thing, it makes it look costume-y.  And with your diminutive stature it makes you look like an extra from "Bugsy Malone".   My .02
My father worked on the Santa Fe RR as did his father before him.   However when he wore a wristwatch it was an Omega Constellation.   The pocket watch would be my choice although you should anchor it to the button shank and not the hole itself or put a heavy fob on that end and thread the chain through the button hole into the watches opposing pocket.
My father told me that a gentlemen must always have on his person a pocket knife, a pistol and a clean handkerchief; everything else would follow.   My must haves are PS, cuff links, tie clip, money clip/cc and biz card holder and a wedding band which is the one thing I'm NEVER without.
  After living in NE for 20 odd years I don't even correct 'em anymore.
Damn.   I'm glad my old man's not alive to witness this.   He was a Hickey, HSM, Palm Beach man all his life.
He's worth about 60 million personally and sitting on a billion or two in future licensing...   Kid's barely 19 and doesnt strike me as one of those flameout types, he'll be fine.
  I'd bet a dollar and a half that 100% of we three couldn't afford those items full price or aren't willing to pay it.
Mine too but it could use a little waist suppression.   My finest is def low rent in this crowd, a Canadian made Lauren sport coat, Canali trousers, Ferragamo tie, Eagle shirtmakers, Cole-Haan shoes, Kenneth Cole belt, random vintage PS.   All but the shirt and belt were thrifted over the last year for about 100 plus about 60 in tailoring, the PS was from an ex gf who got it during a nannying gig with a scion of the Rockefellers, she said.   I should probably spend less...
New Posts  All Forums: