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Damb, I shoulda stayed in ED.
Cross post from waywrn, not sure how peacock it is although the tie is a vintage Rooster.       Obligatory shitty iPhone bathroom pic; my own messy space.  
I like it, send it north to live with a Southern brother!
Thank you, its a BB tropical weight wool orphan.As to the great sock debate, this is the only time its OK, IMO.
Some from a few weekends back, taken in a 1790 house, currently a nice antique/curio shop.  Standard apology for the shitty iPhone quality pics.             My contribution to getting us back on track, fire away.
Brunch then apple picking to provision the day's activities!         SC: Jack Victor PS: bandana Tie: thrifted no tags Shirt: pre-Sears Land's End, wears like iron Levis Justin Ropers
Thank you.It really is a gorgeous jacket. My crappy pics don't do it justice.
Cali Cabernet
Love this time of year, starting to feel a snap in the air...darker, richer colors and hardier fabrics.         Obligatory shitty iPhone bathroom pic but at least it's MY bathroom; front quarter caught on the shirt placket     SC: RL Made in Canada PS: no idea, ex gf said she got it from a nannying gig with the Rockefellers as a yout Shirt:  Vintage Etro Tie: Vintage Rooster(retailers tag says Bowdoin Pharmacy, Kennebunk,...
Good on ya teach, keep em comin'
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