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  Yes and an even larger one gets the dreaded "front butt".   Or so I've been told.
  Cameltoe is female.   Male is moose knuckle...just sayin'.
I generally wear it with tan/white jeans as I find the blue on blue to be a little jarring.   Your mileage may vary.
Jesus Hymie Christ on a cracker!   I pity the poor fool who marries that harpy!
all this time I've wanted bald but have been calling them I can better communicate with old Antoine.   Thank you OP.
My brother you're not peacockin'; you're PIMPIN'!   And everybody knows that ain't easy.
  I can't afford my local guy...   Fortunately I live where America's royalty summahs and every season the thrift shops are full of treasures that I CAN afford plus my local guys tailoring.   win win
If you want to look like Trev from the Help Desk then yeah, that combination works.
  I am 6 feet even and weigh about pants are 34X30.5
  As my favorite uncle used to say: "I'd knock the bottom outta that!"
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