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  He's either a lawyer, bankster or international playboy/jewel thief.
Born and raised in SE TX and have been wearing boots since I could walk...Lucchese is all my father would buy as he had an 11.5 B foot.  I have a pair of their Classics that I LOVE but don't wear much and some Justin Ropers that get worn almost every other day.  Both fit like a glove as I went down a half size.   As a kid the old man bought me Dan Post bull hides because they wore like iron and were cheap enough to replace as I grew.  Tony Lama calf was the first boot I...
Idiotic is more like it.  If one can be offended by a shirt part then one has far larger issues than clothing choices.   It's symptomatic of the whole "self esteem" movement that started when my (Boomer) generation began having kids.    I wear French cuffs all the time, jacket or no.  Fuck em if they can't take a joke!
THIS is the image that always comes to mind when thinking about the absolute elegance and ease with which he dressed and moved.  I'd mug Spoo if I thought I could achieve this level just once before I croak!
I could swear that this was lifted from an old 30's movie like the Thin Man with Ronald Coleman but I can't find a cite.
This is beautiful.
I don't think anyone would notice if you had on no pants.   Just sayin...
Once again, spot on!
It's a dead giveaway that she's orally fixated...
Those of us who've done our time in Service have it indelibly imprinted upon our psyches.
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