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If you want to look like Trev from the Help Desk then yeah, that combination works.
  I am 6 feet even and weigh about 180...my pants are 34X30.5
  As my favorite uncle used to say: "I'd knock the bottom outta that!"
51 on the 28th
Do not care if I get busted for necro posting but I love these shoes.
+1 it's fuggin gorgeous.
If I'm wearing an extra layer with a sport coat I worry that my vent will gap.   It never does but I worry...
unless you go commando your underwear provide enough of a barrier to protect your trousers from all but the most noxious of emanations.   It's pretty much why we developed drawers anyway.
invest in a good steamer and a clothes brush and Bob's yer uncle.
  Windsor was the first knot my father taught me.  That's him as my avatar in about 69/70.   I wear FIH almost exclusively now except for Windsor/spread collar as well for the same reason.
New Posts  All Forums: