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In my experience that's kinda what the ladies like
I am digging this!
wow, come to think of it I havent worn jeans since winter.   New job is biz cas but no jeans and it being summer I'm in shorts when not working so that makes sense.   Probably won't go back to them as a wardrobe staple until I get some with an updated silhouette/wash.
wish I had the stones to do that.
Cole Haan's world HQ is near here and they used to make some pretty nice footwear.   Not so much since Nike took over; it feels like they've decided to turn their backs on higher end stuff and focus on crap for Gen Y/Z.
I dress for myself first, my wife second (I still try to impress her) and the world last.
 My wife says she's thrilled to have in her words, "a dandy for a husband" given that most of her friends husbands consider a clean Red Sox cap dressing up.
 Henry Fonda said it best in "Once Upon a Time in the West".   “How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can't even trust his own pants.”
I really like this.
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