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Cali Cabernet
Love this time of year, starting to feel a snap in the air...darker, richer colors and hardier fabrics.         Obligatory shitty iPhone bathroom pic but at least it's MY bathroom; front quarter caught on the shirt placket     SC: RL Made in Canada PS: no idea, ex gf said she got it from a nannying gig with the Rockefellers as a yout Shirt:  Vintage Etro Tie: Vintage Rooster(retailers tag says Bowdoin Pharmacy, Kennebunk,...
Good on ya teach, keep em comin'
Diggin' the hair my brother...I'm on that path myself as well...tired of dicking around with a cut every four weeks!
  Governor of New Jersey and something of a rising star due to his propensity for "straight talk".   Personally I think he's a douche.
Politicians always pull this kind of chicanery.   Bill Clinton used to wear a Timex Ironman but that was because he was sartorially inept in the early days.
Q: A man should always look like… A man.   Genius.
In my experience that's kinda what the ladies like
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