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After showing this thread to my wife she said that we're worse than women about shoes.   I take that as a compliment.
My friend, NOBD looks good EVERY day...the bastid.   Just sayin.
Now THAT is casual Friday...Crusty old sock you should give up the sitting pose; you look so much thinner standing...my .02
I'll see your tie and raise you two sharp assed lapels! CP you knocked it outta the park!
No sir, I just figured since you were a lot closer to it than I, you probably understood it better and would offer a more educated wild-assed guess than my own. For the record, I agree.
Looks like the old boy's lost a bit of weight.   HF, do you think he'd step aside in favor of William if ERII reigns another 10 years?
Is Lapo the little blond kid in the fuschia shirt in the family pic?  
Had a good day today...   Went into a Salvation Army store in Raymond, ME and found this:   99 cents US   Hit a nearby Goodwill and came up with these:           Vintage Cricketeer bi-swing shooting jacket, 4.99   and this:       Beautiful vintage J. Press 3 roll 2 tweed sport coat, 4.99   All in great condition and neither jacket will require significant tailoring so I bought a six pack of Lagunitas IPA on the way home to celebrate!
+1, I really like this.
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