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depends on what you want.   I wear gray trousers with tan jackets generally fall/winter and more toward pastel and primary colored pants in spring/summer, just my thing.
Concur.   I live in Maine and if they've got a 42 reg I'll DRIVE over.
Frye's Leap India Pale Ale, brewed in an old railroad station in Gorham, Maine.
  Yes and an even larger one gets the dreaded "front butt".   Or so I've been told.
  Cameltoe is female.   Male is moose knuckle...just sayin'.
I generally wear it with tan/white jeans as I find the blue on blue to be a little jarring.   Your mileage may vary.
Jesus Hymie Christ on a cracker!   I pity the poor fool who marries that harpy!
all this time I've wanted bald but have been calling them natural...now I can better communicate with old Antoine.   Thank you OP.
My brother you're not peacockin'; you're PIMPIN'!   And everybody knows that ain't easy.
  I can't afford my local guy...   Fortunately I live where America's royalty summahs and every season the thrift shops are full of treasures that I CAN afford plus my local guys tailoring.   win win
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