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  I agree it's the perfect party jacket fabric in that if one throws up on oneself no one will notice.   In vino veritas my arse.
  I've been schooled twice today, thank you both.
vintage or not, that fabric is FUGLY.   fits great though.
Have an AE outlet near me, what quality can I expect?   BTW, its Freeport, ME, where all the lesser stars in the firmament cluster around the Nova that is LL Bean.
Diggin' on that PS Spoo, is there more blue in it perchance?
This.   Even if I wanted to most of the trousers I wear would look silly with braces.
An acquaintance who owns a shop here in town was complaining the other day how much pain he was in breaking in a new pair.   He's not sartorially impaired so I wonder what gives?
No way I'm exposing my silk to all you voyeurs.   Plus I only own 15 at the moment due to a recent re-ordering of my universe.
New Posts  All Forums: