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Is Lapo the little blond kid in the fuschia shirt in the family pic?  
Had a good day today...   Went into a Salvation Army store in Raymond, ME and found this:   99 cents US   Hit a nearby Goodwill and came up with these:           Vintage Cricketeer bi-swing shooting jacket, 4.99   and this:       Beautiful vintage J. Press 3 roll 2 tweed sport coat, 4.99   All in great condition and neither jacket will require significant tailoring so I bought a six pack of Lagunitas IPA on the way home to celebrate!
+1, I really like this.
Green Mountain Espresso Roast coffee with cream and turbinado sugar.   Many great brews on deck today to support the festivities; stay tuned!
  He's British, in men's clothing they're allowed.   Hell, they invented the stuff after all!
Little Sumpin' Sumpin' ale, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma CA.   VERY hoppy, damned good beer but be careful, it's 7.5% alcohol.
Before I was married I had a group of single female friends who used me as their +1 to charity gigs, etc because they knew I knew which fork to use and they wouldn't have to fight me off at the end of the night.   Went through a couple tuxedos and a single pair of Bally calf opera pumps that wore like iron and felt like buttah!!   I like the way they look and the chances are/were that, even at a so-called formal event I'd be the only guy there wearing...
Frye's Leap India Pale Ale by Sebago Brewing Co, Gorham Maine.
    I've been tying my own tie for about 40 years now and it pretty much dimples itself.  
Butler you magnificent bastard!   Is the jacket double vented?   No apologies for full repost.
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