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Mine too but it could use a little waist suppression.   My finest is def low rent in this crowd, a Canadian made Lauren sport coat, Canali trousers, Ferragamo tie, Eagle shirtmakers, Cole-Haan shoes, Kenneth Cole belt, random vintage PS.   All but the shirt and belt were thrifted over the last year for about 100 plus about 60 in tailoring, the PS was from an ex gf who got it during a nannying gig with a scion of the Rockefellers, she said.   I should probably spend less...
  Meh, nobody's gonna notice with that coat above...fuggin' amazing!
  I think it's Michigander...James Earl Jones said so.
It's FASHION gentlemen, not style.   And it's going to look like shit on anyone but a rail thin model.   My .02, your mileage may vary.
Not really, nondescript trousers and guayabera.
He should watch some gangster movies instead, BE is from the late teens/early 20's.
Before SF, not TOO awful but needed help.      After awhile and a little tailoring, same jacket, trousers and shoes (they're chisel toed Cole Haans and I like them) I think I see a little progress. The kid has her mother's help so naturally she's way ahead of me!   A little peacockin'   Casual Saturday         Just a shout out to all you guys who post daily, keep it up, I'm stealing all your good shit!
Most likely as he's actually a very small man with a big head.   I saw him at Reagan National and was very surprised at how short he really is.
  Tom Landry's choice as well.   I favor the Stetson Gun Club and like the poster above only wear it with an outer garment.
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