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 To quote an urban poet: "this is fucking awesome!"
This. I have 3 blue blazers and 6 pairs of gray trousers...it's a great palette upon which to paint ones daily masterpiece.
 I like yours better.
 There's a lot going on here and I'm diggin' it!
 We should get him a Shabbos Goy to post for him.
 A thread titled "Shoe Porn" and you think it's just NOW getting weird?
 I couldn't walk straight if I wore those...each toe would have a little hard on. Good God.
 That vest is an abomination; a stench in the nostrils of God! just sayin...
 Claghorn you magnificent bastard...I've been jealous of your wardrobe for some time but I think now I may hate you personally. You're just too damned thin and have great taste to boot.
  As it should be. My father gave me his Constellation and my older brother his old Hamilton 992B pocket watch and switch keys from his younger days on the Santa Fe in person right before he died and left instructions with my mother for all his wardrobe items that he knew we'd want, the rest went to consignment.  Damn shame too, he had a closet full of classic American makers from the 60's to the 90's but he was a 46L and I'm 42 R; you do the math.                        ...
New Posts  All Forums: