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 I was born and raised there, where will you be?
I finally blew out my 10 yr old pair of Topsiders last Fall, decided to go a little sideways with their replacement.     I've never owned deck shoes in any color but brown so I'm conflicted.   They fit great and are more supportive than I remember.
 To quote an urban poet: "this is fucking awesome!"
This. I have 3 blue blazers and 6 pairs of gray trousers...it's a great palette upon which to paint ones daily masterpiece.
 I like yours better.
 There's a lot going on here and I'm diggin' it!
 We should get him a Shabbos Goy to post for him.
 A thread titled "Shoe Porn" and you think it's just NOW getting weird?
 I couldn't walk straight if I wore those...each toe would have a little hard on. Good God.
 That vest is an abomination; a stench in the nostrils of God! just sayin...
New Posts  All Forums: