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 It's a great city if you like music, film and food all served with a decidedly unique bent. It's a very liberal place despite being the capital of a Conservative state...I've heard it referred to as "a blueberry in the middle of a bowl of tomato soup". The most ubiquitous slogan/bumpersticker is "Keep Austin Weird", pretty much sums it up.
  I'd kill for some decent brisket or chicken fried steak.  Been living in New England for 20 yr and only get back home for a marryin' or a buryin'. I lived in Rice Village before moving here and did AF training in SA, most of my family is Waco and Beaumont. Enjoy, I wouldn't go back full time on a dare!
 I was born and raised there, where will you be?
I finally blew out my 10 yr old pair of Topsiders last Fall, decided to go a little sideways with their replacement.     I've never owned deck shoes in any color but brown so I'm conflicted.   They fit great and are more supportive than I remember.
 To quote an urban poet: "this is fucking awesome!"
This. I have 3 blue blazers and 6 pairs of gray's a great palette upon which to paint ones daily masterpiece.
 I like yours better.
 There's a lot going on here and I'm diggin' it!
 We should get him a Shabbos Goy to post for him.
 A thread titled "Shoe Porn" and you think it's just NOW getting weird?
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