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As a vintage clothing aficionado I'm instructing my survivors to donate or consign the better pieces they don't want themselves.   I've asked a few friends about this and most of them haven't given it a second thought.   Please tell me I'm not the only one.    
My wife agrees with me on the wine and beer thing too.  Fortunately she also agrees about shoes and I knew she was a keeper when I bought a pair of AE Strands and she didn't blink.
I did this last summer. Granted I was wearing a khaki suit and it was Maine so...
After showing this thread to my wife she said that we're worse than women about shoes.   I take that as a compliment.
My friend, NOBD looks good EVERY day...the bastid.   Just sayin.
Now THAT is casual Friday...Crusty old sock you should give up the sitting pose; you look so much thinner standing...my .02
I'll see your tie and raise you two sharp assed lapels! CP you knocked it outta the park!
No sir, I just figured since you were a lot closer to it than I, you probably understood it better and would offer a more educated wild-assed guess than my own. For the record, I agree.
Looks like the old boy's lost a bit of weight.   HF, do you think he'd step aside in favor of William if ERII reigns another 10 years?
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