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Diggin' the hair my brother...I'm on that path myself as well...tired of dicking around with a cut every four weeks!
  Governor of New Jersey and something of a rising star due to his propensity for "straight talk".   Personally I think he's a douche.
Politicians always pull this kind of chicanery.   Bill Clinton used to wear a Timex Ironman but that was because he was sartorially inept in the early days.
Q: A man should always look like… A man.   Genius.
In my experience that's kinda what the ladies like
I am digging this!
wow, come to think of it I havent worn jeans since winter.   New job is biz cas but no jeans and it being summer I'm in shorts when not working so that makes sense.   Probably won't go back to them as a wardrobe staple until I get some with an updated silhouette/wash.
New Posts  All Forums: