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That is a fucking awesome find! Old HS History teacher here.
 I could too. I showed this thread to my wife and all she said was "oh boy" with a sigh.
Edit, I'm an idiot...already answered. See lots of Rancourt in Portland these days and God Bless em!
    Found this pair today in my EXACT size...I'm a 10.5 C.   Thought J&M had outsourced everything like Bostonian and Cole Haan...any idea how I might find out how old they are?   They were sparingly worn and well maintained and VERY well constructed.
  My youngest and I aboard a pirate vessel in New Hampshire of all places.
Beautiful. Fit, color, combination, everything. This puts the lie to the idea that subtle and subdued have to be boring. Bravo
 Living in Maine I see many popped collars, mostly on men who actually work on boats...fully functional at keeping the sun off their necks.   Crusty and hard, they'd probably snap any popped poseurs like little twigs. I like wearing polos with blazers but haven't found a way to not look like Thurston Howell III unless the shirt collar is slightly raised. Style tightrope.
I love that look but just can't stand the way sockless FEELS....shudder.
 It's a great city if you like music, film and food all served with a decidedly unique bent. It's a very liberal place despite being the capital of a Conservative state...I've heard it referred to as "a blueberry in the middle of a bowl of tomato soup". The most ubiquitous slogan/bumpersticker is "Keep Austin Weird", pretty much sums it up.
  I'd kill for some decent brisket or chicken fried steak.  Been living in New England for 20 yr and only get back home for a marryin' or a buryin'. I lived in Rice Village before moving here and did AF training in SA, most of my family is Waco and Beaumont. Enjoy, I wouldn't go back full time on a dare!
New Posts  All Forums: