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 Many thanks. I would agree but I just can't stand the way that collar looks when it's buttoned.
Casual Friday, the usual crappy iPhone pics disclaimer goes here...my wife is trying to teach me selfies   Vintage linen jacket no-name PS Rooster  Land's End OCBD Lucky Jeans Happy Socks Cole Haan (pre Nike)  
One of my coworkers summed up the Maine ethos toward Summer's sometimes fleeting graces quite nicely: " I hope it falls on a weekend this year". Your next drink in Portland's on me.
 Great city isn't it? I work downtown and love it!
Mine as well since my AF time. Our TI in Basic was the one who tipped me to it as it was just one option and not the "go to" for the base tailors. They were churning through about 10-15 classes of about 50 recruits (2-5 pr trousers ea.) every 6-8 weeks so they did what was easiest and quickest, a straight hem unless otherwise requested.
 +1 from another denizen of the Rocky Coast.
My middle school era was the ish. Fact.   I killed em in Sunday School.   My old man was the preacher though so I kind of had an unfair advantage.
Bums in wheelchair's?  Man that's depressing.   The man IS head to foot in East coast trad, one expects a bit of elitism right?    
That is a fucking awesome find! Old HS History teacher here.
 I could too. I showed this thread to my wife and all she said was "oh boy" with a sigh.
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