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Saturday morning blues-attending a 4 yr old's birthday party, luckily her father has a deep humidor and is a generous sort.   J Press SC fave thrifted PS Banana Republic cotton shirt Lucky Jeans Sperry     
Casual Friday but too simple for the challenge IMO, edit: now that I reflect this is probably TOO casual for this thread, apologies gents.   Banana Republic linen shirt Banana Republic cashmere sweater, cooler than normal in ME where summah is kind mild anyway, color is much richer irl LL Bean chinos Cole Haan suede bucks "sockless" with loafer socks    
Once again, I'll say it, Butler, you magnificent bastard! I'm also pinning your statement about daily workouts to my mirror to keep this old fart on task!
Many thanks!
Blue Monday   Trussini SC thrifted PS BB shirt Hardy Amies tie LL Bean trousers Panterella socks J&M Crown Aristocraft    
 Gotcha, thanks!
 Many thanks. I would agree but I just can't stand the way that collar looks when it's buttoned.
Casual Friday, the usual crappy iPhone pics disclaimer goes here...my wife is trying to teach me selfies   Vintage linen jacket no-name PS Rooster  Land's End OCBD Lucky Jeans Happy Socks Cole Haan (pre Nike)  
One of my coworkers summed up the Maine ethos toward Summer's sometimes fleeting graces quite nicely: " I hope it falls on a weekend this year". Your next drink in Portland's on me.
 Great city isn't it? I work downtown and love it!
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