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I love this jacket...if you're ever up in Portland and wanna lose it, lemme know.
 If there is a God, He/She/It wears these. I WANT.
 Sonofagun, I KNEW he was familiar. I lived in the PI in 79-81.
Good intel, many thanks.
Thank you sir.
10.5 C is what Mr. Brannock told me I was.  :) and they both fit well enough...the AEs seem a bit roomier in the toe box while the J&Ms are sleeker and a little shorter.
Gents,    Please forgive a noob's question and point me in the right direction if this isn't the proper forum for said query.   I'm a 10.5 C and have noticed some serious variability between makers.   AE Park Aves are significantly "larger" than my J&M Crown Aristocraft's, both 10.5 Cs and both very wearable but I'll size up a half size next time for J&M and maybe down a half for AE.   My question is this:  which would you say was "truest" to size?
I'd send them back to AE for refurb...less than 200 bucks and they're good as new!
Many is such a nice piece, finding the flower stem keeper(latch?) sewn behind the lapel soon after bringing it home told me I had something unique if not special.  Paid 2.50 for it at a Goodwill in a college town near here.  I've found a veritable metric shit ton of barely worn NE Trad there as well, usually right around semester and year end.
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