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    Would you consider Greeks to be Caucasian?  I thought that the ruling classes in Egypt were Greek, granted it's been awhile since I cracked a history tome.
I'm a 16.5-35 with a 42 chest and 34 waist making it near impossible to get an OTR shirt that fits, period.
I thought so too at first glance but the reflection on the left foot washes out part of the toe making it look pointed as opposed to the chisel toe of the right.
How is a recitation of history racist?   PC is going to kill this country.
  Concur as I was produced before 1965 myself!
Damb, I shoulda stayed in ED.
Cross post from waywrn, not sure how peacock it is although the tie is a vintage Rooster.       Obligatory shitty iPhone bathroom pic; my own messy space.  
I like it, send it north to live with a Southern brother!
Thank you, its a BB tropical weight wool orphan.As to the great sock debate, this is the only time its OK, IMO.
Some from a few weekends back, taken in a 1790 house, currently a nice antique/curio shop.  Standard apology for the shitty iPhone quality pics.             My contribution to getting us back on track, fire away.
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