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 Sonofagun, I KNEW he was familiar. I lived in the PI in 79-81.
Good intel, many thanks.
Thank you sir.
10.5 C is what Mr. Brannock told me I was.  :) and they both fit well enough...the AEs seem a bit roomier in the toe box while the J&Ms are sleeker and a little shorter.
Gents,    Please forgive a noob's question and point me in the right direction if this isn't the proper forum for said query.   I'm a 10.5 C and have noticed some serious variability between makers.   AE Park Aves are significantly "larger" than my J&M Crown Aristocraft's, both 10.5 Cs and both very wearable but I'll size up a half size next time for J&M and maybe down a half for AE.   My question is this:  which would you say was "truest" to size?
I'd send them back to AE for refurb...less than 200 bucks and they're good as new!
Many thanks...it is such a nice piece, finding the flower stem keeper(latch?) sewn behind the lapel soon after bringing it home told me I had something unique if not special.  Paid 2.50 for it at a Goodwill in a college town near here.  I've found a veritable metric shit ton of barely worn NE Trad there as well, usually right around semester and year end.
Follow up question Gents,  Since I found this all the images I've seen of Borrelli labels have "Luigi" above and this does not. Different line? Pardon my noob questions this is my first experience with this maker.
 I didn't know they made everything when I originally posted that. I've since done my homework and see what a gem I've found.
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