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I only wore mine with my dress uniform...I don't see how women put up with all that stuff.
 And it is some good stuff!!  I'd love to have Nucky's closet!
Hard habit to break. In Basic Training my Instructor had me fill up my pockets with gravel and walk around with it for the day.
Just bought a new one myself...been binge watching Boardwalk Empire again, mostly for the wardrobe!
          None of these are familiar to me.   The suit looks nice enough, peak lapel two button (slightly higher buttoning stance than I'm used to) pick stitching, jetted pockets, ticket pocket, side vents...rise is slightly higher than current fashion as well.   Sorry about the tilted image, it reads: Fabric by Marzotto.   Anyone?
I love everything about this. Bravo
If I had the space I'd totally do this.   Living the dream Cox!
My father, a Southern Pentecostal preacher, would have ROCKED these!
 They're jeans and it's an open weave linen sport coat...I'm just having a little fun with my shit today. The company I work for is a little *ahem* insane about BLUE jeans so this is as informal as I can get. The boat's not in the water yet, only just got the docks in last weekend.  I'll break out the blue blazer and Top Siders then.
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