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 I do not.
They ARE ugly, I'll give you that but I've lived here for 22 years and have yet to suffer wet feet when wearing them.   They were around before the hipsters grandparents were born and will be extant long after their *shudder* progeny has perished from the face of the earth.   Hipsters like facial hair and irony, are we going to deny ourselves those simple pleasures because a few young idjits latch on to them?   They'll lose interest as soon as Apple or Mtv tells them...
 L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe is your friend. I love watching the lawyers, politicians, etc here that wear the most finely tailored suits but slap on a mad bomber hat and Bean boots when it gets shitty. They, like most of us up here wear Bean boots and carry their shoes in.
 Perfection. Once again sir, you hit the number.
I love this jacket...if you're ever up in Portland and wanna lose it, lemme know.
 If there is a God, He/She/It wears these. I WANT.
 Sonofagun, I KNEW he was familiar. I lived in the PI in 79-81.
Good intel, many thanks.
Thank you sir.
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