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          None of these are familiar to me.   The suit looks nice enough, peak lapel two button (slightly higher buttoning stance than I'm used to) pick stitching, jetted pockets, ticket pocket, side vents...rise is slightly higher than current fashion as well.   Sorry about the tilted image, it reads: Fabric by Marzotto.   Anyone?
I love everything about this. Bravo
If I had the space I'd totally do this.   Living the dream Cox!
My father, a Southern Pentecostal preacher, would have ROCKED these!
 They're jeans and it's an open weave linen sport coat...I'm just having a little fun with my shit today. The company I work for is a little *ahem* insane about BLUE jeans so this is as informal as I can get. The boat's not in the water yet, only just got the docks in last weekend.  I'll break out the blue blazer and Top Siders then.
        Happy Friday!  Another gorgeous Spring day on the Rocky Coast!   Armani jacket Tyrwhitt shirt grandfather's pimpin' cuff links no name PS(gift from one of the Weeds, gotta wear it if she sees it) Ferragamo tie Lucky jeans no socks Cole Haan shoes- pre Nike
        Too hot for a tie today, playing with textures.   Vintage Cricketeer summer weight wool jacket Vintage French linen PS Banana Republic linen shirt HSM fresco trousers Happy Socks Bass bucks
      Cool, gray Friday   Borrelli jacket no-name ps Polo shirt Banana Republic jeans J&M Crown Aristocraft kicks no-name loafer sox
 The iPhone pics do neither of them justice...the tones are much deeper and the purple in both work very well together. I think a smaller gingham may be in order but it's interesting that when this is worn without a jacket it actually looks better. Thanks for your feedback, much obliged!
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