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I love this.
My summer "work". I do love weddings.
Can't have chicken fried steak without a good white cream gravy, boys.
The jacket caught my attention first, deets?
Gents, apologies, no pics as yet...I found a pair of Bostonian Florentine loafers, made in Italy...gorgeous shoes, any idea who may have made them?   I saw a blurb somewhere that said Ferragamo but I'm not convinced.
Did damned near the same thing with a silk a little outta hand on the way in...
 Absolutely LOVE these...and the chancellor of the exchequer (wife) says it's a wise investment...she prefers the woven silk in the first image though.
        Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics...still haven't convinced my wife that a new camera is warranted.   Borrelli jacket-double vented, patch pockets Tommy Bahama shirt vintage 80's dead stock Bert Pulitzer tie (found it an two others in their original packaging, 99 cents each) thrifted tie bar with small opal LL Bean trousers Happy Socks Allen Edmonds cap toes   The last pic is my effort to highlight the boutonniere latch sewn onto the back of...
I really dug the fabrics of his suits...he was muted but had these great jewel toned windowpanes and pin stripes... and his contrast collar shirts, albeit with a more modern collar and all those great bow ties! Let's not forget the boutonniere...wish men would take that up again.
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