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Had the 7.5 Color 8 CXL sitting in  my cart. Started entering my info and was called away for a quick meeting. 15 min later and they are gone! Damn.   Jason
Heading to Florida in a few weeks and apparently spring is on it's way (I hope), so my focus has shifted from boots to summer shoes (loafers). I assume the 986 LHS is the loafer of choice in this crowd? To be worn casually with jeans, chinos and light wool trousers. Being in Canada I have not had the opportunity to see or try it on. Are there any other manufacturers of semi traditional loafers I should be looking at? I already have the JM Weston 180 in tan so I am looking...
 Just backed that one myself, for all the same reasons. So, basically, nothing to add....
Talk about a bad day. I was finally going to be able to drop in to the Manhattan store to see a few things in person. Get properly sized in jackets and Carmina. Was to be in NY for a few nights of work. Nice dinners, nice hotel, few days of relative peace and quiet. Instead I get stuck on the tarmac in Toronto for three hours before my flight into LGA is cancelled. Jason
Whoa! $60 on the jacket for shipping to Canada!? Looks like no Tucker Jacket for me.   I guess domestic guys pay 3x more than jeans and we foreign people only pay 2.6x.....
I'm having trouble imagining the Horween Loden Green color. Do we think it will look more like the olive tones of the Unionmade Loden Green PT Boot or the Oak Street Loden Green? I'm thinking the Oak Street but want to be sure.   Thanks in advance,   Jason   Unionmade     Oak Street
Really? I'm on a J Gilbert pre-order from Feb 2012! No word on a production date yet.J
Thought I should share my relatively new Leffot Tankers.   Remembrance Day here in Canada. Wear your poppy and support our troops.   J      
Just received the English Tweed Pants in Dark Grey. Less than two weeks to Canada, not bad at all.   Great pants, nice and heavy. Now I need to drop the few extra pounds I gained this summer....  
I say 360, matched eyelets and I don't care about the pull tab. Quick question - aren't all eyelets a pain in the ass? I have my boots off several times a day (gym and out on the plant floor) and think all eyelets will make this difficult. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: