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You guys convinced me to go with the Indigo Gingham in a banded collar as well, Haven't worn one of those in years.
I would just be happy if my J. Gilbert Cigar Indys come in. Also looking forward to the Leffot Reverse Chamois Greenwich Boot. Damn pre-orders are killing me.
 Those are beautiful! Not to blame you but now my blood pressure is way up. I'm pi$sed that I am still waiting for J. Gilbert to come through on a pre-order deposit I placed on Feb 24, 2012! Coming up on three years.
 I just sent my old Seamaster two tone blue dial to Shane Ede http://watch-repairs.vrx.net/ Very nice guy. He was recommended on watchuseek or the Rolex forums, can't remember which. He had a few problems with the repair, the crown tube was stripped and he had to drill it out. He said that Omega would have replaced the case and that he wouldn't do another one. He polished the case and said it looks like new but I have yet to see it. Kind of a weak recommendation but at...
Yeah, love my week old Sub
i really have to say this is what I love about this site. I, an unknown, asks a quick question and I get extremely thoughtful and thorough replies from jbarwick, bkostko, no frills Dino and others. Amazingly helpful. I went to look at the SD4000 and the SubC. Really liked them both and I would probably have gone with the SD had the price difference been 10-15%. I made an offer on the SubC, it was accepted and I pick it up Friday. Thanks again for the help.
First post over here. Hoping for your learned opinions. Do you guys think the premium for the new SD4000 over the SubC ND is worth it? Looks like it will cost me $2400 more for the 116600 (33%). No, I don't dive but the date would be nice and I like the look without the Cyclops. It is a little more exclusive but very subtle in that department, which I like.   Thanks
Cuffs or no? I'm thinking of the Camel Solid Tweed and the Oxford Grey Flannel. Both in Driggs. The cheap and lazy bastard in me wants to order them in a finished length.
Not sure how I missed my first shot at Whiskey Wednesday. These are breaking in quite nicely.  
That is exactly what came to my mind when I saw those shoes. Loved that episode.
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