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 I'll say. I'm 5'9", 163 lbs., medium Epaulet shirt and just ordered a 38 in the hooded cardigan. I hope it's not too small! To add a few data points I am a 38 in Southwick and a 40 in LBM 1911.
Trying to breath some new life into my old Seamaster Pro. I'm not 100% sure I like the strap. Any thoughts or suggestions?   Thanks,   Waterloo      
Does anyone know where the link for the Ryden boot will be? Under Epaulet - Special Order - Group Buy Footwear? I will be sitting in Union negotiations so I will only have access through my phone. Would like to have the site cued up and ready to go at noon!   Yeah unions! Shouldn't complain, they can't be holding me back too much if I'm looking to buy another pair of $900 CDN boots.....   J
Geeze, if the Cigar Indys I have had a deposit on since Feb 2012 slow down even more I will never see them!   
My Rolex AD in Ontario, Canada said Rolex requires them to raise pricing on all in stock models to the new pricing. Double edged sword, more profit but harder sell. Apparently Swatch Group watches all went up 5-8%.
You guys convinced me to go with the Indigo Gingham in a banded collar as well, Haven't worn one of those in years.
I would just be happy if my J. Gilbert Cigar Indys come in. Also looking forward to the Leffot Reverse Chamois Greenwich Boot. Damn pre-orders are killing me.
 Those are beautiful! Not to blame you but now my blood pressure is way up. I'm pi$sed that I am still waiting for J. Gilbert to come through on a pre-order deposit I placed on Feb 24, 2012! Coming up on three years.
 I just sent my old Seamaster two tone blue dial to Shane Ede http://watch-repairs.vrx.net/ Very nice guy. He was recommended on watchuseek or the Rolex forums, can't remember which. He had a few problems with the repair, the crown tube was stripped and he had to drill it out. He said that Omega would have replaced the case and that he wouldn't do another one. He polished the case and said it looks like new but I have yet to see it. Kind of a weak recommendation but at...
Yeah, love my week old Sub
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