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Not sure how I missed my first shot at Whiskey Wednesday. These are breaking in quite nicely.  
That is exactly what came to my mind when I saw those shoes. Loved that episode.
And thanks to tifosi! Didn't mean to exclude you!   J
Thanks ryden and beeb, I couldn't be happier. I dare say they are perfect, consistent color, no blemishes and excellent stitching. I look forward to putting them in my rotation.  
I am a day late but I can now officially participate in Whiskey Wednesday! Been patiently waiting a year and a half for these. Well worth the wait. Once again Alden SF was a pleasure to deal with.   Jason          
 My seminal moment was in November of 2011. 6 high school friends and I (we graduated in 89) got together in Vancouver to see the Grey Cup. We were standing at a bar and I looked down and we were all wearing Bundstones. I immediately thought to myself “this is pathetic; I have to step up my game”. Being from a mid-sized town in Southern Ontario means that selection is very limited so I came to styleforum and started searching. 1st pair was the 975. 6 others have followed...
  Not to mention the fact that Carminas are hit with 33% tax and duty by our lovely CDN govt! $792 Canadian for the Salinger Double Monks if they get tagged at the border. Ugh! I do want them though.
I must resist. Mind you I am usually unable to resist after a few cocktails, which will happen tonight....    
Are the enzyme washed FF Rivets the style that is similar to the Incotex chinos? And how would you guys describe the color for "cloud"? Is it really a light blue or more of a light grey? Thanks
 Alden SF. I am told I have the next 7.5D reserved. This is the response I got from Brenda in Jan of 2013 "We will put your name on the next available pair but we can't give a delivery date.It's going to be at least a 6 month wait and quite possibly much longer.Our factory is having difficulty obtaining the leather but we hope to have them eventually.Wish we could be more helpful." They did receive a few pairs last December but they didn't get my size. I am feeling...
New Posts  All Forums: