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Hey Gents, I was at Moulded about 6 or 9 months ago or so and asked if they were going to get any modified Indy's in black.  I think it was Raphael that said that the order was in process but it was going to be a while before they come in.  I know the term "a while" is relevant, but I was led to believe they would be ready this fall or winter.  Does anyone know if they are going to be available anytime soon?  Or did I miss the run?  I didn't see anything on Moulded's...
Thanks.  The Lakota house looks like they only carry D width on their site.  And Anatomica's site is a bit hard to navigate, but I don't think they show the Aldens they have in stock. I love Moulded in NYC, but I wish they carried just a few more shell choices..
Hey guys, I've read through most of the comments here, but I just wanted to confirm something.  Aside from the Straight Cap Toe in #8 shell and the Perforated Cap Toe in black shell, does Alden make anything else in shell on the Modified last, shoes or boots?  Looking through the Moulded website, I just see those two.  Am I missing something?   Thanks
I have a pair of the same boots, and mine don't have those nails in the sole.  I'm not sure what they are for.   You should post this in the Alden thread.  I'm sure someone there will have an answer for you.
I've had my modified Indy's for a few months now, I haven't noticed the creases, but they are a little big on me.  I also have pair of wingtips on the modified last that fit perfectly.  Both the wingtips and the Indy's are the same size, the Indy's feel at least a half size bigger. i wish I could go back in time and size down a half size..
Cool site. It doesn't look like they have any cordovan wallet's for sale, just cxl and bison.  But, they have some great prices.  Thanks
If you want to buy an American shoe, look for a pair of used or "seconds" Alden 403's.  They are very comfortable, have a crepe sole, keeps feet dry, and at your price point. If you can add an extra $100 you can probably get a brand new pair.
Does anyone own a pair of Indy's and another shoe style on the modified last?  I was wondering if they fit more or less the same?  I have a pair of wing tips (calf) on the modified last that I love, and I'm looking at getting the Indy 403's.  Should I get the same exact size and width? Or is there a sleight difference in fit? Thanks
I use the split toe Woodlore's, they are great.  I posted a similar question a few months back, and most people recommended the Woodlore's.  No need to spend $30 on what looks like woodlore trees with Allen Edmonds name on it.
Make sure you try them on and walk around in them.  I think that Allen Edmonds makes a good quality shoe that will last a long time, but I find them to be very uncomfortable.  You have to make sure that last works for you.
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