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The fit is perfect. The measurements are accurate. 
I have two of their jackets. The (Brad) Cafe Racer and the Suede hooded jacket. They are both great, but their jackets vary (sometimes greatly) from what is on the website. The Cafe Racer looks almost black on their websites original photo, but when I got it many shades lighter and the zippers were all different (but I still like it). Also the suede jacket I ordered was a dark mocha color it arrived perfect, but my friend ordered it a week after me and his was a much...
I sell denim (not clothes, just the raw denim). 
The fit is true, if I had to choose I'd say it's on the slimmer side. The leather is top notch quality, but very raw. Smells at first (a lot) and takes time to break in (more than usual). And here's an old pic, doesn't feel appropriate, but I didn't really wanna pose for a new one. Sorry, lazy.
I bought this a few years ago from Viparo. It stank for well over a month, but has broken in nicely and is my favorite jacket. Best purchase I've ever made.
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