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damn being lower to lower end middle class sucks.   These are absolutely beautiful!!!
Very well taken care of Mac Book Pro 13" its part number is MC374LL/A  I am not a student and this wasn't used on any campus. Everything is in near Perfect condition.   I have EVERYTHING, the original box and packaging, charger, original OS X install DVD and Applications DVD, along with the EVERYTHING MAC users guide and the Everything Else Packet that comes with it. I also have the original receipt from August 2010. I also will include the MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE...
Hah, I was assuming the other guy was kidding or joking about his reply and relating my shoe question to hats.
Gentlemen I have quick question. I have pair of Edward Green Black 5 eyelet derby's on the 606 last. These were given to me by my father and they unfortunately do not fit. I have researched them to the nth degree with no luck. Found many very similar in looks but none close to these.   I assume you would consider them scotch grain, but they are super soft. Softer than any scotch or pebble grain I have EVER felt. They seem to smooth out towards the toes and...
This Pair of Extremely WELL Kept Edward Green WINDERMERE A 5 eye-let derby in BLACK COUNTRY CALF. They are built on the 606 last and are a UK SIZE 10.5 E and US 11 D   The uppers are in excellent condition with no cuts, scrapes, scratches or etc. The toe box has no visible creases even without the trees. The foot-bed is almost as new as you can see in the pics, there is virtually no wear on the Edward Green Bootmaker Northampton foil stamp in the foot bed. They are...
Gentlemen,            I am looking  to purchase a pair of good to decent condition OAK STREET BOOTMAKERS VIBRAM TRAIL OXFORDS in a US 9.5. The color doesn't matter to me as much, however Navy or Natural would be my choice. I do want them to be in decent to great shape. I am in Lexington, KY and I'm willing to pay for them based on their condition up to around $200.   Thanks and hopefully someone out there has a pair they want to get rid of, without paying ebay and their...
pm sent on the c7 I want them !
DAMN the striped linen Isaia is spectacular, if I hadn't just bought 4 pair of shoes! I'm sure it wont last long Beautiful  
 just wondering if you have gotten a chance to get this shipped yet? Thanks Again Lucas
nice pm sent
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