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Perhaps, although they now have Testoni Basic for their crap offering. I understand if the quality is higher now they will charge more, but their prices are in the John Lobb range ($1500). Their old stuff seemed really nice, but retailed between $400-$600. I'm curious if anyone from the forum can comment on a recent purchase. I purchased these back in 2008 for $130 at Nordstrom Rack:
Totally the laces!
Just need to make sure they fit you properly. I think the sizing was a little odd. Shoe was extra narrow and difficult to get into for some.
Building up your post count?
Selling a really nice pair of navy moleskin pants made for Richards department store. The pants were made in Italy but I'm not sure who made them. The quality of clothing with the Richards label on it is usually very high, but I don't want to guess who made it. All I can say is that the quality looks and feels very high. With that said, my asking price is going to be very low, since I can't confirm who made them, so consider this a great bargain, especially if you have a...
New in box Ralph Lauren Sanderson Dark Brown Oxford. Size 10 D. Made in the USA Burnished calfskin Leather outsole with a refined welt construction Brogue-style perforated detailing and serrated-edge trim. Retail $525
Selling new in box Ermenegildo Zegna Brown Suede Penny Loafers. The suede on these shoes is fantastically soft - very rich and luxurious. The shoe is very light and would be perfect for someone interested in a penny loafer to wear sock-less. Size 9 US. Leather upper and sole Retail $560
Thanks. That's helpful. I saw them for a great price, but couldn't figure out what function they would serve that I could justify purchasing them. I'm in the market for a pair of casual shoes (was looking for slip-ons) that I could wear around town, but also can handle bad weather like rain and light snow. In the process I ran into these. Maybe I'll consider them now, even though they don't really serve the purpose I need them for.
This is probably a silly question but what is the purpose/proper use for the Rowan 1000 mile boot? Is it for hiking, urban, hunting? Can I wear it in the rain? Is it comfortable for long walks? Looking for something I can wear in casual settings and when the weather is a little gross, but does this fit the bill? Thanks!
I've noticed over the past few years that the once semi affordable A. Testoni shoes have increased in price o the point that their prices just don't make any sense. Their Black Label line can cost over $1,500. I bought a pair of those in a Nordstrom Rack around 8 years ago for under $100. Does anyone know their prices have gone up so much?
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