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Head over to a Nordstrom Rack and you should be able to find something in your price range and in your size. They may even have some clearance stuff still available, which can get you close to Allen Edmonds. Let us know how it goes.
Thanks. Took the jacket back to the store. Let it be someone else's project
Any updates on what you ended up doing? How did the suit come out?
I'm going to take the lack of responses as a sign that the pilling is insignificant. Jacket will be going up on B&S thread with detailed explanation of condition.
I found a Ralph Lauren Black Label Anthony cashmere sport jacket in an outlet recently and I'm not familiar enough with 100% cashmere jackets to know what is "normal" pilling - if any. I know they say that high quality cashmere doesn't pill, but I called Ralph Lauren and they said that it is normal to get some pilling and that I should have a cleaner trim it. The pilling is mainly on the lapels, collar and shoulder. Is this normal or am I asking for a headache? The jacket...
Nice shoes but you might want to add a few more pictures so we can get a better sense of the wear on them.
Selling new with tags beautiful Brioni cashmere blend sport jacket. Model: Colosse Two button Double vents Materials: 60% cashmere; 35% wool, 5% silk (medium weight) Retail $4,995 Colors/Pattern: Gray and black check with subtle blue window pane (the window pane is a lot more subtle in real life - my camera just picks it up more) Includes: Buttons for sleeve (8x); Large buttons (2x); Role of thread; and sample cloth Measurements (Approximate): Shoulders 19" Chest ...
Nice shirts. It's amazing how they've jacked up the prices in such a short amount of time.
Thanks for the feedback. I understand why someone would shy away from going north of $500 for rubber bottom shoes, even though as a comfort-first guy, I love rubber bottom shoes for most occasions, but the construction of these shoes is by far the best I've ever seen on a rubber bottom shoe. They just feel like they can last for years and years.
SF members, I have a question. I've been trying to sell a pair of new JL Chambord II Derbies and I'm having trouble understanding the lack of interest in them. I'm pretty sure my current price is extremely competitive, so perhaps the size (11 E UK) is an issue, or maybe style, or is it something against spending a lot on rubber bottom shoes even though they are JL's. Is $550 a great price for new Lobb's? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: