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Oh, Hallak. I live near their plant in Jersey and used them once to clean a suit. $47 to clean a suit!!! They did a nice job, but really? That's crazy! Are there many places in the city in that ball park?
Might be worthwhile if it really bothers you. You might also want to measure the circumference of your upper feet to see if there is a difference. Or at least take a closer look at your feet in other shoes before going through the trouble of sending them out.
Did you take measurements to be sure its different sized materials?
Thanks! You just saved me some disappointment. I was about to pull the trigger.
An eBay seller I've recently been following got in a lot of new Jay Kos stuff and he's selling it for super cheap. Here is an example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-450-Jay-Kos-Cartera-Skinny-Fit-Mustard-Corduroy-Trousers-Pants-Sz-32-/141338305822?pt=US_CSA_MC_Pants&hash=item20e86b651e I like that he usually provides video along with his posts (better/more genuine than Zappos videos). What do you think of his stuff?
Any updates? Success? I'm interested what you ended up with and if you found any great deals.
Selling a vintage Burberry trench coat for a single mother of two. The coat belonged to her father-in-law and it's just sitting in her closet. There was no size marking so please look at the measurements (although I think its a 44R) The coat is in great shape. The only flaw is in the lining - there is a large spot (discoloring/light stain) near the right arm pit (please see pictures). All the buttons are in great shape, fabric is in great shape, and so is the...
The rise in the pants on the three piece look a little too high. It looks like you have a wedgey. Is that the case?
Does anyone have good info on who actually makes Saks' Black line of suits made in Italy? I was in an Off Fifth today and was shocked to see a well made suit with the Saks Black label on the sleeve. The sales associate told me that they are actually Zegna suits with a Saks label. He also acknowledged that the regular "Zegna Fabric" suits they sell are crap and not the real thing. The retail was pretty high at $1299 minus whatever the discount is that week (this week is...
I believe it still made by Corneliani. That's a really nice looking jacket. Nice find.
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