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This one is for sale if anyone is interested.
Out of curiousity, I am wondering what your opinion is on the 6 x 1 button tuxedo. I realize the popular look is the 6 x 2, but can the 6 x 1 fly as well?
Canali Double Breasted Tuxedo: SOLD Double breasted 6 button with peaked lapels. no vents. Satin facing. 2 waist besom pockets & 1 chest welted pocket. Finished sleeves with 4 buttons. Jacket is fully lined. Pants are double pleated. Satin waistband & braided legs. 2 side pockets, 2 rear welted buttoned pockets, and 1 coin/fob pocket. Lined to the knee. Jet black. 100% virgin wool. Measurements: Jacket Shoulder: 18.25" (Top of the shoulder straight across back...
What about casual friends who you don't see often and never hang out with?
I didn't rip him off actually, He got an amazing deal. my cost was 500 something dollars so I charged him $550. If I'm going to give up something like that - which is almost impossible to find - $500 for a zegna DB suit, I definitely don't want to lose money on it and making a few extra bucks makes the proccess a little more justifiable. Also, finders fee. I looked around 4 different times for that suit and all he did was just hand over the money. I think everyone...
Also, you have to look for the upside. I bought a zegna DB suit at the barneys warehouse sale, loved it, but then came to grips that I am just barely hanging onto my size 38R shape and that this was probably not the best of investments... so I sold it to my buddy and made a profit. Always have to have a plan B if your doing final sale.
How is this shoe suppose to fit? I saw them a while back in my size, 10D, and found them to be very tight. Is this shoe meant to be a tight fit?
I think the shirts are ok if you can find them for under $50, but the fabric on the regular shirts is really not great and it shrinks in the wash!!! And Yes, I know how to wash my shirts so don't say anything in regard to that.
In regrad to getting the additional 15% off the sales price, you have to sign up for the brooks card for it. I was also looking for a brooks suit around the same time as you and bought two Golden Fleece suits in a regent cut for under $500 each after the 25% (Friends and family sale) + 15% (sign up incentive) off from the $698 sales price. I am very happy with them, but probably wouldn't be happy with a regular brooks suit, especially if I paid $500 for it - not worth it...
Oh, and about Century21, I was there a month ago and they had all sizes, not just 44R. You should call before going down there to see what they have. It shouldn't be too hired for the salesman because those suits are located across from his desk.
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