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It's been a while since I've paid any attention to this post. I kind of figured I would just not sell the shirt and wait for it to fit me (i'm a 15'5), but that's not happening so I lowered the price. Enjoy.
Does anyone have experience tailoring black fleece shirts? I just bought 2 buttoned collared BF shirt in size BB3 and BB4, even though I wear a 15.5 33/34 sleeve. For those of you who don't know, black fleece is sized weird: They go from BB0 - BB5, BB0 being XS and BB5 being XL. A BB3 has a 16 neck and 34 sleeve and a BB4 is 16.5 - 35. The shirts fit decently, but could be taken in a little bit. My concern is that BF is cut weird in the shoulders - very narrow...
Maybe you should have given him a warning, could have shout out a "bombs away!" Or fired off some warning shots to let him know it was coming. Either way bathroom is for pooping. Brushing teeth in a public restroom comes with risks.
the shoulder length is correct. I just tried on the shirt myself and I see that for me it is long in the shoulders (I'm usually around 18.5) but overall still fits. I am lowering the cost of the shirt to $60 + shipping. It will be available for the next few hours and then I am taking it off.
Final Drop. I would also like to hear your thoughts on the shirt. How do you feel about wearing colors like light purple or pink?
price drop
Selling a NWT Light Purple Canali casual shirt. Retail $275 Selling for SOLD Measurements: Neck: 15.5 Chest: 22 Sleeve: 34 Waist: 21 Shoulder: 20.5 Back: 31 These measurements are an approximation. This is a great shirt for the upcoming spring and summer season. 68% Cotton 32% Linen
Still for sale. The same shirt just sold on ebay in an auction for $125. This is a good deal.
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