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Final Drop
16 new sweaters added! Enjoy!
Drop $80
Grey 100% cashmere sweater size 52 (42 US) is now $140 + shipping.
Now $90
Striped Dress Shirt With French Cuff. Size 15.5. Retail $395 Selling for SOLD Shipping Measurements: Neck: 15.5 Chest: 19.5 Sleeve: 34.5 Waist: 19 Shoulder: 17.5 Back: 30.5 *There are two small dirt spots on the collar that should come out in the wash or with professional dry cleaning. See photo.
Selling Tom Ford Cashmere and Cashmere blended sweaters Made in Italy + Tom Ford top WILL SHIP INTERNATIONAL WITH USPS PM me if you have any questions Enjoy! 1. Grey sweater Size 52 (42 US). 100% Cashmere . Retail $1290. Selling for SOLD 2. White v.neck 90% Cotton 10% linen Size 52 (42 US) Selling for SOLD + Shipping 3. White Sweater 60% Cashmere 40% Cotton Size 48 (38 US) Selling for SOLD + Shipping 4. Off white/grey Top 100% Silk Size 48\t(38 US) Retail...
Drop $140
I picked up a pair of Santoni Galvins on sale for a friend of mine with tiny feet but it turns out his feet were too tiny for size 7s. I plan on returning them to the store but I figure I would give fellow forum members a chance to snatch them before I return them. They are a great pair of shoes that retail for $360. *Note: The stitch at the top of the left shoe by the tongue came out (did not rip) and needs to be put back through the loop. I am assuming any shoe...
The suit is fully canvased and the saks label is their new saks script box. It's a great suit. What I was really looking for was to hear something like "Saks made a deal with Corneliani (because that's what the suit feels like) to make suits for saks so you just bought a corneliani suit for under $400!!" or something like that. For the story tellers, you should also include the chinese shipping liner. Maybe the Triads wanted to get in on the "Italian Suit Business"...
New Posts  All Forums: