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They carry a pretty large selection at the ascot chang store. They have suits, sports coats, tuxidos, and coats made by them at full price. It's at 110 central park south. They also have a small selection at century21 downtown. The price there is 1200 for a suit.
Just got two $2,400 BB golden fleece suits for around $450 each via clearance, 25% off and the additional 15% off. Very pleased with myself. Has anyone else hit that up? These new GF suits were very impressive.
Does anyone have to sell or know where I can find a new solid black canali two button double vented suit in a 38R? I found one at bloomingdales for $1100 after sales but I am looking to see if I can do better via our network called styleforum. I looked on ebay and did a good search and came up with nothing, so I am asking you if you know about anything. This is for my wedding, which is coming up very soon. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.
Black is really the only option here. It's a jewish thing.
Thanks, I hear you, but it's more of a cultural thing in this case. Black is the only way to go in this case, which i don't really mind. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a nice black suit. The only one i've seen are isaia at century21 for 1150 and canali and corneliani at bloomingdales in the 1500 range. In all three cases i would much prefer avoiding those costs. Especially for a canali and a corneliani. They just aren't worth that type of money in my mind.
Thanks for the advice. It is a 4:30 wedding and I will not be black tie because my fiance doesn't want it. I can still wear a tux, even though she prefers suits, but it's a sensitive subject (and an annoying one). I am open to both ideas, but will go with whatever looks better and is the most afforadble, since getting married has more expenses than just suiting yourself. I am looking to see if anyone knows of any stores in the NYC area that sell great suits or...
I do not disagree with you, but GF doesn't have a black suit. This is for my wedding and I need a black suit or a great tux. Also, the suit at Century21 was an Isaia two button with a black on black pattern, which is what I want, but its $1,200. I'd much rather find something cheaper.
Hey, I am getting married in a little over 5 weeks and must find either a two button black single breasted suit or a nice tux within the week(haven't decided which way I'm going with it yet), preferably by this weekend. I live in the NYC area and want to buy the suit in the store rather than risk buying something online in this case. I have roughly $1000 to spend, but would prefer to not to hit my max, especially because I will still need to add in all of the costs...
why don't you ask them to do a search for the suit in your size? Also, if you still have it, the 25% off sale is going on now so it would cost you 530ish for the suit.
i went to the store in manhassat today actually and the selection was great. There are two types of golden fleece suits up for sale, the $1900 and the $2400. I don't see what is so special about the 1900 one, it looks like a regular suit, but the 2400 suits are fantastic top quality. Enjoy it.
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