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I am a big fan of Schott USA coats. They make a great peacoat that is super warm and stiff.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 wait the fukk a minute...OP is attending the wedding and you are talking about a $10 gift??? cheap mofo! glad you ain't my friend! Before you keep hating on the radio idea, first of all, you obviously don't have one because you would know it was awesome. Second, I suggested it as a second gift - not THE gift. And finally, I don't think you should care too much about what your friends get you for your...
AM/FM shower radio with mirror - Best and cheapest wedding gift I got ($10). Just in case you want to buy something fun also.
Black, but Charcoal is good also. Don't think too much about this. You're fine either way.
Very nice stuff!
Final Drop
Brand new CC Collection by Corneliani Suit. Size 38R (US)/ 48R (EU). Made in Italy 100% Extra fine Wool. Color - Grey Herringbone. Price: $425 + Shipping--> $375 --> $350 --> FINAL DROP $325 + Shipping SOLD Information about CC Collection from the Corneliani website: Style – Image – Quality Aimed at young people. Corneliani CC Collection is ideal for all times of the day. The style of the collections, with garments that are easy to match and that have a fresh look,...
Final drop
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