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I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Thanks anyway.
What happened to the AC shirt?
I asked the schott people what the deal is and here is what they said: "You are correct you can not tell the difference between the black and navy color. We make the traditional peacoat to the Military Spec color Navy which is this color that appears black." I don't really see the point in advertising black then, but I'm happy either way.
Whats the point in that?
Got the coat - it's great. But the navy is so dark its black. The tag says navy but I've been comparing it to other black objects in daylight and it looks the same- It's black. Maybe it was mistagged. Anyone else ever have that problem?
I went navy from Schott NYC. Thanks for your advice. If I don't like it I can always return.
Thanks. Going with a schott. I had a black one for 8 years. Not sure which color. Does anyone know how schott is when it comes to sweaters/jackets?
Why? It's not an issue? black pants are OK in this case?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Anthony Navy just strikes me as a color that seems to show you thought about how to dress as opposed to the mind numbing "black goes with everything" mantra of the masses. Where would it stop? Black blazers? Black suits?.... Or just get what you like. So navy wouldn't go with everything if it's a coat? Can I wear black pants with a navy coat? That's my only concern.
I hear. I'm ordering mine from Schott NYC. Had one for about 8 years and then gave it to a friend. It is the warmest peacoat I have seen, incredibly priced at around $175, and last a really long time. Just need to decide a color.
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