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I am trying to find a pair of Jake Agave Denim Patron St. Helens Flex Jeans in a size 34 in either khaki, blue or black. I know they are selling the plaid color on STP but I am looking for solid.
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Final Drops
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Santoni Loafers - New without Box (has tags) Color: Black Sole: Rubber Size: 9 D (US) or 8 F (UK) Dimensions OUTER Length - 12" Width - 3.75" INNER Length - 10.75" Retail $450 Price $295 -->SOLD *The shoes are new. The right shoe was used to be tried on in store and the left was kept in the back. Therefore, the right shoe has minor wear marks in the leather, as seen in the pics, but is still in new condition. IMG_1558 by velvel87, on Flickr IMG_1551 by...
Yes, that is true, but the point was not suppose to be negative, just surprise because I haven't seen anything structure for 10 years when it became express men.
I was walking through Marshall's today and noticed they have a whole rack filled with khaki sport jackets made by Structure. They must be at least 10 years old!! Kind of makes you think about how old everything really is at the discount stores.
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