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That was a beautiful Brioni and at an amazing price. Sorry it was a bit too big for me. Very nice stuff.
How about these: Sutor Mantellassi Tonal Stitched Oxford.
Selling a pair of NWT dark brown Sutor Mantellassi in a size 9.5 E - the shoes run fairly narrow to begin with and are closer to a D width. The shoes have very minor scuffs and creases from being tired on in store, as well as a few slight scratches on the sole from being being walked in around the store, but have never been worn outside and are in new condition. You can see what I mean by minor in the pictures. The shoes do not come with box. Outsole length is 12...
Navy, I was just curious if anyone would have tried to make it work.
No one else wanted it, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I think the suit was priced 5500 not just the jacket. Sell it for 600 on Ebay, some dweep will buy it for sure. That's true. It was actually worthless to me without the pants.
Thank you all for your advice! In the end, I decided that it was better to return the jacket than try to make it work with pants that are so off that they look "cool" like hobo jeans or a sarong (by the way, this is the only place I have ever seen someone mention something like that and everyone responds like they know exactly what that is) or even no pants at all. So if anyone is interested, there is a $300 navy brioni Nomentano jacket with a glen plaid pattern in a...
Here are the pics: The Jacket is 40r and fits great. The buttons are no attached yet so I could change them.
Can't locate the pants. I called Bergdorf, they said it was impossible. If I go sportcoat with it, what kind of buttons do you suggest. I'm trying to upload pics but the pics seem to be too much memory. Anyone have advice on how to do that?
its a navy glen plaid fabric with a slight touch of red, sky blue, and other shades of blue.
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