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Selling a beautiful Ralph Lauren Black Label herringbone sport jacket. The jacket is made from a really nice herringbone fabric made of 95% wool and 5% cashmere and it's a medium weight. This is a great SC for the fall, winter, and cooler spring days. The color is a light brown/dark tan (please see photos) Single breasted Two button (I believe horn) dual vents Size 46R Full canvass Made in Italy Measurements Shoulder - 20" P2P - 23.5" Waist - 22" Length -...
Thanks! Did you get a chance to check out the TJ Maxx on Wall St. while you were there?
Anyone been to Century 21 during the clearance sale? Anything worth the trip?? Looking for Corneliani suits.
Closetm, who is an ebay seller just got in a bunch of Jay Kos stuff that he's selling for pretty reasonable prices. Some of the stuff is a bit odd, but then it again it's from Jay Kos. Really like the tuxedo shirt but nothing in my size. Here's an example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-595-Jay-Kos-White-Formal-Tuxedo-Shirt-Sz-42-16-5-/141343548799?pt=US_Men_s_Dress_Shirts&hash=item20e8bb657f
Oh, Hallak. I live near their plant in Jersey and used them once to clean a suit. $47 to clean a suit!!! They did a nice job, but really? That's crazy! Are there many places in the city in that ball park?
Might be worthwhile if it really bothers you. You might also want to measure the circumference of your upper feet to see if there is a difference. Or at least take a closer look at your feet in other shoes before going through the trouble of sending them out.
Did you take measurements to be sure its different sized materials?
Thanks! You just saved me some disappointment. I was about to pull the trigger.
An eBay seller I've recently been following got in a lot of new Jay Kos stuff and he's selling it for super cheap. Here is an example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-450-Jay-Kos-Cartera-Skinny-Fit-Mustard-Corduroy-Trousers-Pants-Sz-32-/141338305822?pt=US_CSA_MC_Pants&hash=item20e86b651e I like that he usually provides video along with his posts (better/more genuine than Zappos videos). What do you think of his stuff?
Any updates? Success? I'm interested what you ended up with and if you found any great deals.
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