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Does anyone know the brand/model of these sunglasses?   
Paul Smith have a similar petrol coloured blue suit. Here's a picture of it:
Hey SF,   I am cleaning out my closets and am currently selling Lanvin, Prada, Alexander McQueen & Lacoste shoes (all between sizes EU 42 & 43), a Prada dress shirt (15"), a Marc Jacobs t-shirt (M) and a men's Louis Vuitton weekend duffle bag. I will post worldwide.
Beautiful suit!
I'm not sure what it's like in your part of the world but I don't get how here in the UK fat woman wear tight coloured leggings. It seriously bothers me.
I've got a brand new pair of Oliver Peoples Riley 'Dark Mahogany' glasses for sale:   Also a pair of Alexander McQueen trainers:   I will be in Boston mid-April so I can send either from within the US if anyone there wants and it would be cheaper...
ColdEyedPugilist, who makes that blue suit your wearing?
Hi guys, I'm luckyman. I've always had a love for fashion and a hatred for fashion magazines....except for one called 'Cargo' that was a short-lived mag in USA a few years ago. Anyhoo I just thought I'd join a forum to chat with other fashion forward people and exchange tips and styles. 
I am getting a new pair of glasses and am going for a big change. After spending over an hour trying on dozen's of pairs and getting on the poor store clerks nerves I've narrowed it down to two pairs.   There's pros and cons to each pair, firstly the squarer pair (Tom Ford's) have loads of character and I feel like if I wore them they would become apart of my look - like he's they guy with the funky glasses. The other pair (Oliver Peoples Riley) fit really well and...
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