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I read recently that Chapeau! sneakers are made in the same factory as CP's and they are almost identical. Perhaps if you can't find info on CP you could on Chapeau! and follow that lead..
Hi, I am looking for this Rag & Bone plaid shirt. If anyone has one, new or used please let me know!
This is a Corneliani shirt I purchased from Harrod's last May for £195.   The colour scheme is white base with pistachio green stripe.   It is a 15" neck and a 38" chest.   This was made in Italy and is made from 100% cotton.    Dimensions are as follows: Pit to pit: 23" Back of neck to hem: 34.5" Shoulder to shoulder: 20"
Ugh, I wish they were in my size!
I have for sale a brand new pair of Persol 2989-s sunglasses that I received them as a gift for my birthday in April but I have too many pairs of sunglasses already so I'm selling them on. They are in mint condition and I am selling them for a fraction of the £255 they cost at Selfridges. The colour code is 24/31 and is officially called 'Havana' The glasses size is 54 These were hand made in Italy I had them in my bag during a trip last month and I guess the...
Just purchased a pair of Oliver Peoples Riley and am now browsing around for a second pair.
I'm in desperate need of a new suit. I can visualise exactly what I'm looking for but am having trouble finding the suit that's right for me at my budget. I want a blue mohair suit. Two button with big lapels. Not huge lapels just not the skinny look that's in right now, I like the classic look. I have a budget of around $500 which I know isn't a lot but I was hoping to find something in a sales rack or clearance somewhere. I wear a 38 short suit which is also difficult...
Sounds good, let me know.
This beautiful Pal Zileri polo shirt was purchased for me by my now ex-girlfriend last year from Harvey Nichols. It was worn at most twice and now that we've broken up I'm getting rid of a few things she got me.   I will post it in the Pal Zileri bag it came with. I thought the tags were in the bag but they seem to have slipped out, if I find them in time I'll include them.   The colour is cream with blue lines going across. The fabric is very breathable as you...
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