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you squat in jeans?
in black and iguana possibly both if the price is right pm me price
after these or any other chinos that have these measurements pm me the price
cheers mate.
the jb041s look real nice  
how much do you guys think i could sell a pair of 31 petit standards that have been worn on 3 seperate occasions for?
yer problem with me is that i dont fit my jeans for very long. i always out grow them i have a pair of 32 weird guys that are now skin tight around the thighs. and now have the 34s and there pretty loose around the waist but perfect in the thighs. maybe i should size down one. really want a pair of sugar canes or smamis but i dont wanna drop that ammount of cash if i only can wear them for a year
tellason laidbroke grooves?  
  im new here. youve got a powerlifters shape going on. whats everyones view on hitting bodyparts twice a week?
i love my naked and famous weird guys but just wondering if their are any other brands that fit like this?
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