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Thanks for the advice on my earlier fitting problem. Went back in to be refitted and we came up a 11C with a different person. A big change from the 10.5B. They had to order them so I'll be able to check more carefully for fit before I finish the exchange. 
This may not be the appropriate place, but I figured this thread would definitely be the group who would know. I recently, upon the recommendations of this forum, purchased two pair of AE Park Aves, one in black and one in merlot. I'm in the slow process of building a young(ish) professional wardrobe, and these are my first pair of real dress shoes.    I went to my local AE store and was sized. We initially arrived at a 10.5C, but that felt just a little loose and I...
I apologize for my first post being a negative one. I've lurked on these forums for some time.    Does anyone have another good source for the RM Williams MTO? I spoke with Steve at Nungar via email to see if I could order a pair like the "forum special," but that was a bit of a dead end. It took some time to get a response, which was nothing more detailed than letting me know it would be upward of $400 AUS. That's significantly more expensive than it was when this...
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