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I picked this Hermes Tote bag.  Is this a real or fake?   Thanks    
If you are relisting, I would directly relist from eBay because you get eBay relist credits when you relist the same item for the second time. . Relisting from GS, eBay will charge you for the relist. This really doesn't matter if you are only using the monthly 50 free listings.
Any thoughts, advise on this?     Thanks.  
Any thoughts on how to store the Wool Suits and Sport Coats.  Googled and read some  posts - most of them recommend using freezers or cedar.  What's the right thing to do?
Does anyone know who makes these shoes for Ralph Lauren?    
The store pricing is automatic and GS I think uses the boiler plate eBay costs . Even when there are eBay promotions, GS will report standard eBay costs.
  On the 'Inspector' menu you can click on the 'Advanced' tab and check the 'eBay Store'.  If you create store categories, then you can use the drop-down menu to pick the appropriate category.   That's all I did.  Not sure anything more is required.  
Ending tomorrow morning    
is this Versace real or fake?    
Ending in 10 Hrs.       Gorgeous SULKA Silk Burgundy & Gold Neck Tie    Returns: Accepted within 14 days     Quick Look   0 bids $22.95 Time left:Time left:10h 13m Gorgeous FACONNABLE Designed in France White w Bold Blue Stripe Shirt in...
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