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Sorry, didn't quite understand that corrected grain is a type of leather.  Now I do.  thanks.  
Is this a patent shoe?
Picked up this Henry Maxwell shoes at a garage sale.  The shoe had lot of dust on it and did not see it clearly but the shoe seems to have some kind damage.  Not sure whether this can be fixed?  Isn't this a patent shoe?      
I got them from my local dry cleaners.  It costed about $35 and has about 400 bags in a roll.  its better to pick up from your local dry cleaners because you save money on shipping as these tends to be heavy.  
David,   Thanks for the offer.  I do sell on eBay and my partner bought this shoe to flip because it was cheap.   I can definitely return it but I am wondering whether these stains could be removed and the shoe could be restored.  
Its been about a week.  The box is clean and only one shoe seems to be damaged.  I can definitely return it but I am trying to see whether this is fixable, as I paid $20 including shipping.  
Who's the maker of this Alan McAfee shoes?  Did they make shoes with rubber soles or these were resoled?   Thanks  
Is this Hermes authentic?   Thanks.  
I have lot of viewers and watchers but the actual sales are down significantly in the last two weeks. Is anyone seeing this?
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